The Role of Chair Covers & Other Linen in Weddings & Events

Chair covers are one of the most important elements in creating beautiful events. They give your event an elegant and (dare I say) regal atmosphere. Even if you decorate with inexpensive flowers or centerpieces, chair covers can enhance that look. And chair cover cost pennies compared to fancy decorations!

The following article explains all about chair cover options and provides tips on how to choose chair covers for your wedding, reception, (or other special events), including many chair cover design ideas.

  • Keep reading to learn why chair covers are so popular; what types of chair covers are available; their different styles; how they work best; how long they last when maintained; when & where you can use chair covers; and more.
  • In the most basic sense, chair covers are the material that goes over chairs at a wedding or special event to dress up the room. They can sometimes be called chair sashes, chair buntings, chair wraps, chair ties, chair corsages, or chair shawls. If you have ever been to a formal wedding reception with linen-draped tables and white chairs, then you have seen one form of chair cover: simple droolers. Droolers are long pieces of material (usually satin) designed to drape over the back two legs of each chair. Chairs come in many different styles, however, so there are dozens of types of covers for all shapes & sizes. Chair covers are available in satin, organza, chair ties, sashes, tulle skirts, lace, or velvet. Linens come in many different colors and styles.
  • When used properly chair cover can last many years!
  • Depending on quality, chair covers could be reused even 10 times or more for other events. Because they are washable (and often dry-clean only), you should use chair covers that match your color scheme to be able to dress up all the chairs with one set of chair cover. If you plan on using them more than once, then go for higher quality chair cover material and style – like a zipper tie chair cover – because it will hold up better and look nicer after many uses and washes (and dry cleanings). It is fine to mix chair covers styles as long as they go with the same color scheme. Chair cover & chair ties should be attached securely so they do not slip or tear off chairs, but also have a little give. Pins or staples can damage chair cover material and ruin chair ties – so use tape, hot glue gun, strong thread, Velcro ®, or a stronger pin if necessary. Consider a chair cover installation service if you are using many chair covers that take time to attach yourself.

How will you know what size chair cover you need?

First, decide on your chair style. Next, determine how long the chair cover need to be; If they just drape over the back of the chair then it does not matter, but chair ties need to be long enough to tie into a bow or loop. Then measure the width of your chair back.


How chair covers work?

Chair covers work by draping over the chair and/or by being tied or sewn onto the chair. Most chair cover use chair ties, sashes, satin strips, bows, tassels, swags, or other decorative elements to tie onto chairs so they stay in place. Some chair backs might have a crossbar where you attach chair ties or chair cover bows so it does not slip off. When covering round tables with chair ties, stagger them from all angles rather than directly across from each other – this ensures an even look when viewed from different angles.

What is the purpose of chair covers?

The purpose of chair covers is to dress up all the chairs in a chair cover installation into one cohesive look. Different chair cover & linen can be mixed as long as they go with the same color scheme or just match chair ties to chair bows or chair wraps.

What is the difference between chair dresses and tablecloths?

Chairs are much closer than tables so chair ties, chair bows, chair sashes, swag s, etc. need to be wide enough to show well across all the chairs (as measured from where your tablecloth would normally fall). On round tables, you could use tulle skirts though because they drape over each chair completely.


Chair cover installation is a great way to dress up your chair covers! When chair covers are attached to the chair, it would be tedious and time-consuming if you have many chair cover. Therefore consider chair décor ties, chair bows, chair wraps, chair corsages, or chair shawls. They can easily tie onto each chair so you do not need needle & thread connections. Many types of chair decor ties are available – like swag s, tassels , tulle skirts for round tables, organza overlay bows, fabric back chairs wraps with satin ties, velvet cording with ribbon roses knot tied at the bottom of each chair backs, etc.

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