The first part of the “Grand Theft Auto” series was released in 1997 and quickly made a sensation on the computer and video game market

omputer and video game market

The first part of the “Grand Theft Auto” series was released in 1997 and quickly made a sensation on the computer and video game market. Rockstar decided to continue the series and so the parts “Grand Theft Auto 2”, “Grand Theft Auto III”, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” were created, which became a great success. However, everyone expected the next part of “GTA” to be more extensive than the others, and in 2004 “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was released, initially for PlayStation 2, and a year later for Xbox and personal computers gta san andreas gratuit.

The first advantage that I would like to draw your attention to is the plot of the game – much more interesting than the previous parts. We play the role of black-skinned Carl “CJ” Johnson, who after the death of his brother Brian left his hometown of Los Santos and went to Liberty City. After five years, the hero flew to Los Santos for the funeral of his murdered mother, but noticed that his family and the Grove Street Families gang were in serious trouble, so he decided to stay for longer and help his loved ones. In addition, it turns out that these are not the only problems of Carl – while returning home from the airport, three corrupt policemen, Tenpenny, Pulaski and Hernandez, frame him for the murder of a policeman, which prevents the hero from leaving San Andreas. In the game, we perform a mission for friends and for the C.R.A.S.H.

As most guesses, the greatest advantage of the game is the perfect representation of the cities. Los Santos is a perfect virtual copy of Los Angeles, San Fierro is like San Francisco, let alone Las Venturas – driving around it, I had the feeling that it was real Las Vegas. If a mission is tiring or difficult to complete, it is worth loosening up, stealing a good car, turning on one of the many radio stations that the game’s creators offer us a lot, and driving around the city. I can assure you that driving aimlessly and sightseeing alone is a lot of fun. Another advantage is that in addition to the cities in the game, villages and ranches have been created, where we can go through really interesting missions.

There are many tasks in the game, as many as 104, so we have at least a few days spent at the computer or console guaranteed. The tasks from the principals are very difficult and require a lot of skills, but most of all patience. I was playing the game on PlayStation 2 and on a computer and I must admit that controlling and shooting the opponent is much easier on PS2. I, personally, unfortunately haven’t managed to complete all the missions so far, but I have completed about 3/4 of the game, which I consider to be a success. I will try to finish the game in the near future.

Unfortunately, I have to criticize the foundation. I think Young Maylay didn’t do the best in voicing Carl Johnson. The voice of the main character was funny, but at times irritating. Faizon Love, who voiced Sweet, deserved praise. As for the music in the game, as I mentioned, there are a lot of radio stations and the music is even commendable, but there are no good classics like in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a must-have for any action game fan. With a clear conscience, I can recommend you to spend several dozen zlotys on this title, because it is really worth it. The game is not perfect, but I spent many hours playing it. In my personal ranking, she is ranked 4th out of all parts of the series.

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