The Best Web Design Companies in 2024

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If you are in the market for a new website, you are probably wondering who the best web design companies are. The good news is that this list changes every year, so you can be sure that you are getting the latest and greatest information. In 2024, these are a few of the top companies to watch out for.

Deloitte Digital

In 2024, Deloitte Digital was recognized as one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the country. With a skilled team of advertisers, marketers, and designers, with locations across the world, Deloitte Digital has proved that they are committed to helping clients through a broad range of digital services: user experience, content creation, creative, digital strategy and implementation across social media, mobile and web.

G Squared Interactive

G Squared doesn’t just make the list as one of the top web designers, but also tops the ranks as a comprehensive digital agency offering a full suite of services to its clients. As a Sydney-based agency with expertise in website development, paid media, social media and SEO, G Squared prides itself on a results-driven, consultative approach that focuses on understanding your brand and devising a data-based strategy to achieve your business objectives and drive real business results.


Bapple is a strategic UX agency in Australia with a focus on SaaS, web design, branding and UX research. Bapple works with you to create an attractive, responsive website that’s easy to navigate. With a portfolio of client successes dating back to 2006, this digital agency is one of the industry’s top dogs.


With an impressive clients base including Baskin-Robbins, The Home Depot and GNC, this independent advertising company has been rated as United States’ fourth biggest agency of its kind. 22squared offers everything from business and brand strategy, to communication planning, creative development, multicultural marketing and much more.


Though based in Australia, Chello has managed to branch out with worldwide appeal, helping overseas clients enhance their video production needs. Providing a well rounded service including brand, content and campaign strategy, video services, animation, digital, UX and UI design, Chello endeavors to refine their client’s brand and voice to become an effective and notable presence in the digital space.

The Bottom Line

Web design is a constantly evolving industry, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. These are just a few of the best web design companies in 2024 – keep an eye out for them as you search for your perfect partner in website creation!

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