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Are you willing to be a part of the magnificent Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest? Do you want to embrace the tradition and get yourself the best lederhosen? If yes, you are at the right place.

The market is full of copies and fake products which cost a lot and deliver nothing. Here, we will guide your way to the most authentic and the best lederhosen so that you do not end with something substandard. 

What are lederhosen:

Lederhosen are the traditional apparel worn in the regions of Bavaria, Austria, and some parts of Switzerland. The attire came to its origin in the early 18th century and was initially used by the working class. However, it rose to fame in the 19th century and was considered leisurewear. 

The lederhosen consist of many clothing articles. The first and the most important are the knee-length pants. These pants are adorned with traditional Bavarian embroidery that can feature animals , flowers, and intricate patterns. 

The pants are connected with “V” or “H” shaped suspenders, which provide support and help make a fashion statement. These are paired with white or light-colored shirts. 

Lederhosen are paired with traditional suede shoes having thick soles to protect against broken glass (because there is a lot of that in the Oktoberfest). The shoes have a traditional Bavarian-style side lace design, making them different and exotic. 

The shoes are paired with loferel-type socks. These socks have two parts; one over the knees and the other to cover the feet.

How to buy lederhosen without being Ripped-off?

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind  while exploring lederhosen for sale to avoid anyone pulling a fast one on you.:

Look for the ones made from Deer or Goat Skin:

Traditionally lederhosen should be made from deer or goatskin. The reason for that is the leather obtained from deer, goats and cows is comparatively long lasting  and is very easy to clean. So, always make sure that the lederhosen you are buying is made from authentic deer or goatskin, or it might not be authentic.

“V” or “H” shaped suspenders only:

Yes, the whole look of the lederhosen may seem a bit childlike, but it is important to stay true to tradition. So, whenever you buy lederhosen, ensure that the suspenders are in a “V” or “H” shape.

Avoid any ties, bows, and other accessories as they are not part of the attire and will ruin the whole look.


Traditionally, the lederhosen should have only Bavarian patterns and designs. These patterns are very intricate and are specific to the region. They also include some animals like deer and lions (mostly deer). 

Ensure that the embellishments on what you are buying are traditionally Bavarian and not a knock-off.


Lederhosen buttons should be made of antlers. These buttons are more durable, fancier, and do not lose their shine for a very long time.

Be sure to check the material of your button to get the best and the most authentic lederhosen.


Nowadays, the market is flooded with different colored lederhosen. The original lederhosen should be in brown, dark green, or black. Make sure to buy from these colors to be as authentic as possible. 


The sizing is based on German measures starting at 44 and going up to 66 increasing in intervals of  twos every time. You should buy the product closest to your size. Do not leave any breathing space as the leather and the stitching expands after a few wears. 

You can always use the laces to loosen or tighten the lederhosen as per your liking. 


Make sure that you wear the right accessories with your attire. Experimenting or mixing up things will not only ruin the look but will also kill the tradition.

Always buy a white or light-colored checkered shirt (preferably with red checks), woolly socks, and hats.

For shoes, go with the traditional Bavarian Haferschuhe, boot-like leather shoes with laces on the side and a thick sole. The sole protects from broken glass, a recurrent occurrence at the Oktoberfest.

Important Features to Consider:

Some important features to consider while buying lederhosen are:

  • There should be a button flap above the bib with some embroidery.
  • Single seam in the back.
  • One back pocket on the right side.
  • Laces to adjust the sizing at the upper part of the rear.
  • Button-down finish to the outer thighs.
  • Button for suspenders.
  • Identical braces made from leather. 


So, these were some tips and tricks to find the best and the most authentic lederhosen. It is very important to check the leather type, button material, and color of the product. Always choose authentic accessories to look the best. 

We hope the guide will help  you on your quest to the best lederhosen. 

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