Table Linen to Decorate a Wedding Reception

Wedding Table And Chairs

Your big day is closely approaching. Everything must look astonishing, so the fairytale wedding you’ve always imagined is complete. Yours and your partner’s outfits are ready, you’ve booked the venue you’ve always wanted and your favorite band, but what about the other details. Most importantly, what about the reception?

Your wedding reception is the cherry on top of the entire wedding ceremony. Your friends and family will enjoy good company, food and drinks, and music. Your wedding reception decor is a wonderful way to show off your style and taste and complete the entire picture.
Every decor detail is important and couples want their guests to appreciate and talk about the whole reception, long after it’s over.

Besides the great food and a breathtaking venue with superb decorations, adding linen to your reception will give the finishing touch to the overall theme of your wedding. The right linen can turn even the simplest of venues into a royal-looking hall. Let’s explore the range of linen for weddings in detail and the type of fabrics you can choose from to make your special magnificent.

Table Cloths

Your guests will stay at the table for most of the reception. Having tablecloth linens that fit your wedding theme will work as the base of any decoration you plan to place on the tables. With the help of a table cloth, the centerpieces will be able to stand out in a tasteful way.

Table Skirts

Having the top of the table decorated is a must, but what about the sides? Of course, you don’t have to do this, but some couples want everything to match. Or perhaps, the tables in the venue aren’t the most attractive to look at? In that case, table skirts can make everything more elegant. It’s a great way for guests to hide their personal things underneath (this is especially practical for surprise gifts). The table skirt can differ from the table cloth and reach the floor.

Table Runners

This is also an optional addition to your reception. But when done right, it can make a huge difference in the way the wedding tables look. It’s especially popular in traditional themes that want to capture a royal feel. Table runners are usually short and narrow, made of long pieces of fabric that are usually placed in the middle to outline other table decorations. This is a great way to bring the best out of table centerpieces. Table runner colors are mainly different than the table cloth (mainly in the secondary color theme of the wedding).

Chair Covers

If the venue has good chairs, you don’t have to pick chair covers, but the truth is, often chairs don’t quite match the decoration of the table. Using chair covers is the best way to personalize the whole look to your exact theme. Some venues may offer their own options for chair covers, but if you have a unique look in mind, you’re better off exploring the offer on linen for weddings online or at the local stores.


Everything is in the details, including something as small as napkins. If you have your wedding reception in a hotel or restaurant, they will provide you with napkins. This way you don’t have to think of anything. But if you host it at a private place where you don’t get the full service, you should keep in mind that your guests will need napkins. This is an area where you be creative and playful. You can choose table napkins in a different fabric type and size and of course color.

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