Synthetic Hydraulic Oil – Are They for Your Machine?

With the development of high-performance Multipurpose Oil, there has been an endless debate over whether machines are more suitable for non-synthetic lubricants. In conclusion, both synthetic and non-synthetic oils offer a variety of fall combinations, making them ideal for a variety of cars. To find out if synthetic hydraulic oil is suitable for your car, you need to know the basic properties of non-synthetic and synthetic lubricants.

Non-synthetic oil

Used for a long time. There is no doubt about the reliability of non-synthetic oils. These lubricants are widely used in many industries such as automobiles and manufacturing. The downside, however, is that it quickly evaporates and the combustion temperature is relatively low, requiring frequent replenishment or replacement. Another disadvantage of non-synthetic oils is that they cannot be used in very hot machines due to low combustion temperatures.

Synthetic oil

Lubricants such as synthetic hydraulic oils and synthetic oils provide excellent lubrication and are ideal for high-speed and high-speed machines. These lubricants are less volatile and have a higher combustion temperature. However, if you are looking for a lubricant for cars that use brake systems such as car brakes and rotary engines, over lubrication can be a problem. This makes it unsuitable for cars that use steel fuel.

It is therefore understandable that synthetic and non-synthetic lubricants serve their purpose. Therefore, if you want to get the necessary lubricant for any car, consult an expert before choosing the lubricant. However, if you can determine the correct type of hydraulic fluid for the car you are looking for, we recommend that you buy the necessary lubricants from the online store to ensure the efficiency, convenience, and reliability of the expenses online store. Presentation

Today you can see the background of your online store only by looking at the reviews you have received. All popular vendors and stores keep a special page to look after customers to make sure they get what they pay for. In addition, due to the wide range of lubricants available in the market; Whether you want to buy non-synthetic hydraulic oils or synthetic oils, you only need a few mouse clicks in a trusted store.

During normal operation of the machine, parts used such as hydraulic pistons, bearings, instruments, and rings produce fine metal particles. As for clothing increases, these particles may grow further inside the lubricants and may change the appearance of the lubricants. The analysis includes both the examination of corrected particles and the diagnostic tests. These tests use special equipment to assess how particles are evaporated and that the presence of particles poses a threat to machine operation.

Daily testing is an added cost for the business, but usually costs more than the cost of repairing the necessary equipment if the main properties of the lubricant are lost, contaminated, or if there are particles that have disrupted the productivity. It was a lot cheaper. The oil analysis program is an important part of the normal operating procedures in any industry if you want to keep your equipment stable and efficient.

Lubrication properties, especially the adhesion of the material, should be checked regularly. There may be a problem if there is an unusual adhesive value. The values ​​for the best analysis can be measured at two different temperatures, especially if the machine using the lubricant has to work at different temperatures.

Another thing to watch out for is fatty acids. If it is too acidic or oxidized, it should be discarded and replaced. General tests used for this purpose include Acid Price (TAN), Total Base (TBN), Rotary Bomb, pH, and FT-IR test.

In addition to the acid test, the oil analysis program usually tests the melting of fuels, glycol, sulfur, water, dust, and other additives using the FT-IR test. Pollutant testing can be costly and can only be performed when needed, for example when critical equipment or other conventional tests detect excessive pollutants. ..

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