Stamping Your Brand in Consumer’s Mind With Custom Boxes Logo

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If you’ve been thinking about adding your brand’s logo to your custom boxes, it’s essential to consider your product’s image and brand identity to determine what the best style is. Color palettes and combinations of colors will reflect your development’ ‘clean’ or ‘luxury’ nature, while patterns and designs add interest to your box design. Then, there’s the cost.

Color palettes reflect the nature of your products.

Color plays a significant role in branding. A survey suggests that 62-90% of consumers make buying decisions based on color alone. The correct color palette can create a positive brand perception and help your product stand out from the competition. Consumers are prone to recognize brands by color alone, so it is essential to pick a color scheme for a logo that is easily recognizable and memorable. Here are some examples of colors that are universally recognized. 

When choosing a color palette, remember that colors should represent not all colors equally. Using one color more prominently can help you draw attention to certain page parts. This technique is known as the isolation effect, where a single color is used for specific purposes such as adding to cart buttons. However, avoid using too many colors at once. Using a single color to design a product is also not recommended because it makes it hard to read the information.

The combination of colors helps to reflect your products’ nature.

A combination of colors that reflects luxury can give the product a sense of calm and serenity. Blue and green are complementary colors and help reflect nature and new growth, while royal purple conveys royalty and a sense of imagination. When combined with other colors, these shades can be pretty powerful. Try using these combinations with different colors, including orange and pink. They will entice people to take action while reaffirming your brand’s steadfastness.

Patterns add interest to your boxes design.

Colors can be a great way to give your custom logo boxes variety and look. For example, a floral pattern will convey a feminine mood. You can also use a floral design to bring a sense of beauty and harmony. Florals are a great choice if your audience is young. Muted colors, including pastels, will also create a calming effect. It would help if you stuck to minimal monochrome colors for a modern, high-end audience.

When designing a pattern, you have to keep your audience and your style in mind. For example, a floral pattern might make sense for your custom boxes logo if you sell wine. Similarly, a geometric pattern may create an eye-catching effect. But to be sure that your design will be effective, you need to understand your audience’s style and taste. Whether you aim to create an image or communicate a feeling, you should first think about the mood you want your customers to have. Top  Custom Packaging Companies in the USA keep these factors in mind while providing their services.

Costs of custom boxes

When designing your packaging, you should pay close attention to cost. One-time costs include original design work, stamp purchase, and set-up of print plates for large-scale offset printing. This print type requires a significant investment in tooling, and it’s only valid for large orders. Per-item costs include materials and labor, and each box will cost a certain amount. Materials typically include tape and tissue paper.

Digital printing, on the other hand, requires a smaller minimum of around 500 boxes per run. Compared to flexo printing, digital printing uses a digital printer to mix and apply inks to a printed box. Digital printing is generally more expensive than flexographic printing, but it’s easier to transition between the two methods and has lower minimums. While digital printing offers better clarity and shorter lead times, flexographic printing requires a higher minimum.

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