What is SEO and what is it for?

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We position and promote your website in the top positions of search engines through innovative SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) allowing you to intercept new customers and new opportunities. Being among the top positions of search engines will increase the visibility and therefore the turnover of your company.

“Doing SEO is a bit like teaching your project the language of Google: we define the basics, teach it to speak and then send it to school with the best teachers”

SEO audit

Before starting any SEO operation , it is essential to understand where we are going to get our hands. It is therefore of primary importance to carry out an accurate analysis of the current situation of the project, specifically in the field of organic research and its internal structure. A bit like having your car checked by a mechanic before setting off on a road trip!

keyword research

One of the most important steps of any SEO campaign is choosing the keywords you want to rank for. All operations for modifying the contents on the site will have to rotate on the Keyword Strategy . In fact, by following the trends of the online market, we will be able to anticipate the times and position ourselves for search keys before the competitors.

on-site optimizations

Having an impeccable HTML code and site structure is essential for obtaining positioning results. Google uses special software (called robots or spiders) to scan the network and index web pages . With these optimization operations we will help the search engine to scan the pages of the site correctly.

on page optimizations

Constantly updated content , optimized titles , high- performance links and consistent images have become essential elements for making your site’s page climb positions on search results. Optimizing a web page means making it a content that Google deems suitable to be able to show to the public and consistent with what is being searched for.

link building

While search engines consider many variations in determining their search results, the number of “quality” links  pointing to your site is a major factor. Link building is the building of a network of links between one site and another and is an essential part of any successful SEO campaign .

data analytics

Power is nothing without control. We periodically monitor the trend of advertising using cutting-edge tools , extrapolating all the necessary data, thus being able to act promptly in the event of an unsatisfactory response from strategic operations.

Cos’è la SEO e a cosa serve?

Posizioniamo e promuoviamo il tuo sito internet nelle prime posizioni dei motori di ricerca tramite innovative tecniche SEO (Search Engine Optimization) permettendovi di intercettare nuovi clienti e nuove opportunità. Essere tra le prime posizioni dei motori di ricerca aumenterà la visibilità e quindi il fatturato della Vostra azienda.

Prima di iniziare qualsiasi operazione SEO, è fondamentale capire dove stiamo per mettere le mani. È quindi di primaria importanza eseguire un’analisi accurata sulla situazione attuale del progetto, specificatamente nell’ambito della ricerca organica e della sua struttura interna. Un po’ come far controllare l’auto da un meccanico prima di partire per un viaggio!

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