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Welcome to our football predictions column today, where we look at the week’s biggest matches and bring you winning results, up-to -date odds and comprehensive analysis. Here you will find all the information to play a good ticket, starting with today’s football bets.

Football predictions today

To you our football predictions today with a multiple on the most interesting odds of the day.

We at are committed to offering you free football predictions daily , with the best odds from AAMS (ADM) bookmakers. From Serie A to national and international cups, our coupons always include the most interesting matches of the day.

Our analyzes are done by avid bettors and football scholars for more than 30 years, eager to share their insights. 

The team carefully follows the major Italian and foreign championships, selecting the best matches to be included in the winning ticket .

Serie A Predictions

Here are our football predictions today for each day of Serie A, enriched by articles dedicated to the most important matches. With our analysis we consider the latest news on the state of form of the teams, the probable formations, the statistics and every useful element to obtain winning results.

Champions League and cup predictions

Thanks to our Champions League and Cup predictions today, you will not miss football during the week. In this section, every Monday you can read our analysis on cup matches and our free football predictions and winning results, including the increased betfair odds.

National Predictions

Also follow our National predictions to stay up to date on the most important international football competitions : winning results of friendlies, qualifying matches and the eagerly awaited Qatar 2022 World Cup .

Our football predictions today

To make football bets with sure predictions , we analyze every variable of the matches , from the state of form of the teams to the change in odds by the bookmakers, so that it is possible to develop an online bet slip with a high probability of winning.

For this reason, our free football predictions today, for Serie A and Champions League matches, are only multiple with a few events on which we have identified winning results. In fact, one of our first tips for winning is never to overdo it with accumulators!

For more information on how to make safe bets, we recommend you visit our page with tips, tricks and methods for winning bets.

Serie A Predictions: How do we process our winning results?

The elaboration of our free Serie A Predictions takes place on several levels, from an analysis of the history of matches to goal statistics , from the injury situation to the mental state of the team. 

Nothing is left to chance in our summary of the matches we suggest a bet on. Furthermore, within our weekly Serie A prediction, you will always find the best increased odds of the round.

These are all the aspects we consider in our elaboration of winning free football results:

  • Motivation of the teams;
  • Latest news and player form;
  • Odds comparison at the best betting sites .

Champions League predictions: which markets to bet on?

The Champions League is one of the most popular competitions in Europe: bookmakers therefore offer hundreds of betting markets on which to bet. In addition to the more classic 1X2, Double Chance and Under/Over, online tickets with Multigol, Combo, Partial/Final and First Goalscorer have also gained ground in recent years.

In our Champions League predictions we always include 3 different results, divided according to their level of difficulty. The less known markets appear often: we believe that they represent a good opportunity for all bettors interested in experimenting with new formulas , without fossilising exclusively on the usual 3 markets that everyone knows.

Safe football predictions: how to recognize the reliable ones?

Processing one or more safe football predictions requires great effort: on the web it often happens to find those who offer winning bets made up of numerous events, even 10 or more, with low odds. In most cases, that football prediction will turn out to be a loser.

Furthermore, be wary of those who offer secret methods to win every ticket: the future cannot be predicted, and even the outcome of the seemingly simplest match could go against all expectations.

On this page you will find both free football predictions ready to play , and detailed reviews of the most important Serie A matches and national and international cups. These are elaborated by a team of experts who analyze every single aspect of the match, to offer winning and reliable results.

Tips to take advantage of today’s winning predictions and results

In addition to following the latest sports news and relying only on safe football predictions, there are some other important tips that we feel like giving to all those who are looking for the winning ticket:

  • Take advantage of betting bonuses ;
  • Take advantage of increased odds;
  • Bet in moderation.

The betting bonuses, offered to all new users, are an excellent way to play while limiting the risks , given that it is a sum offered by the bookmaker (but watch out for the rollover necessary to withdraw the winnings).

The increased odds are also interesting, because they allow for a potentially higher final payout . In any case, any strategy should always be applied in moderation: it is better to establish a budget and set your deposit limits on the bookmaker’s website so as not to risk exceeding it.

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