Seattle Dispensaries to Visit in 2023

If you’re looking for an adventure, Washington State is the place to be! As one of the first states in America to legalize recreational cannabis use and sale back in 2012, thousands of travelers have flocked each year since then just so they can experience the best Seattle dispensary. So grab your vape pens and get ready – let’s go exploring!

#1 – Which Dispensary Should I Visit?

Obviously, your first stop on a cannabis-friendly vacation must be to a recreational marijuana store. With an estimated 516 cannabis retailers in Washington state, you’ll know that there’s always a good dispensary near me.

You will find some of the best cannabis in the country, if not the world, right here! There is everything from boutique, craft cannabis to 100% organically grown weed, even eco-friendly buds grown using only solar power. No matter your taste, you’re sure to find something to suit. 

If you are in the Rainier Valley area, pop into the Americay Mary. – they are one of the oldest cannabis dispensaries in town, and the budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable. 

They are sure to pick you out something unique, and they carry top draw smoke and edibles that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Also, be sure to follow Seattle’s COVID-19 regulations as well as state guidelines for recreational marijuana use

#2 – MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture)

Who doesn’t love getting high and putting on their favorite music, video games, and films? Well, at the Museum of Pop Culture, you can experience entire exhibits dedicated to precisely this!

Explore the interactive, playable world of indie computer games. Delve into Seattle’s rich musical history with exhibits on Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and a gallery of famous guitars. 

You can even get a glimpse of Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber and Indian Jones’ iconic hat in the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction showcase. And to keep the kids happy (even the kids trapped in adult bodies), talk a walk through the world’s first Minecraft museum.

#3 – Meowtropolitan 

For those who love a snuggle, play, and an occasional razor-sharp claw to the hand, Meowtropolitan cat cafe is the place for you. Come in, enjoy a coffee and a croissant in the presence of some friendly feline friends. 

Meowtropolitan works in partnership with a local animal shelter and is home to up to 15 cats at any given time. Some are residents, and others are shelter animals looking for a new home. 

Meowtropolitan is split into two areas – the cafe, and the cat lounge. You can come in for a drink and watch the cats on the other side of the glass, or you can pay the $10 per hour (coffee included) to goof around with the kitties. 

Bear in mind that the cat lounge side is often full, and booking well in advance of your trip is the best way to avoid disappointment. 

#4 – Underground Seattle 

Seattle’s founders settled in Pioneer Square in 1852. Soon after, fires ravaged the buildings, and the entire area was rebuilt one story above the former street level to prevent flooding. This led to the birth of the eerie world of underground Seattle. 

Eerie shop fronts and houses lay in this dormant dark labyrinth and were restored by a local entrepreneur in the 20th century. Grab a tour of this hidden city, but maybe lay off the paranoia-inducing brownies before you head down!

#5 – Play on the Hill

We’ve already got cats covered, so to appease disgruntled dog lovers out there, we had to include the Play on the Hill doggy daycare center. This is the ideal place to watch canine companions playing, sniffing, and snoozing. 

If you brought your dog to Seattle but need a good dog sitter for the day, then look no further. Play on the Hill has a staff of dedicated and caring dog sitters who would love to look after your pup while you explore the city.

#6 – Hempfest

Every year in early October, Seattle holds the world’s largest gathering advocating the decriminalization of cannabis. Hempfest is known as a “protestival”, somewhere between a mass protest and a festival. You will find everything from food trucks and cannabis memorabilia to exhibitions on the history of cannabis.

Inaugurated in the 90s by a group of eager cannabis activists, Hempfest has grown to attract annual crowds of over 300,000. People come from all across the globe to participate in the growing fight to legalize marijuana.

Welcome to Seattle!

Seattle is a beautiful and vibrant citand it’s well worth the visit. After you’ve had your fill at your newfound marijuana store, there are plenty of attractions and activities that will complement whichever type of high you’ve chosen. 

Whether it’s relaxing and zoning out in nature, cerebral gratification in the museums, or simply taking in the vibe on the city streets – Seattle is the perfect place to visit and enjoy your high at the same time. Cannabis culture is mainstream here, so users can instantly feel relaxed and at ease. 

There are numerous hikes, walks, and mountain paths to follow for those straying further out of town. Not to mention the miles of rivers, lakes, and coastlines to take pleasure in.

We think you’ll love Seattle, and the Seattle dispensaries. Be safe, and enjoy!

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