Romantic Flower Alternatives For Roses

Romantic Flower Alternatives For Roses

Whenever we think of romantic flowers, we think of roses. But have you ever thought of flowers which you can gift your girlfriend romantically? Well, many other flowers are equally romantic. But since roses are common and are found everywhere, we only recognize a rose as a romantic flower.  We have brought you a list of flowers that can be used as romantic gifts for your girlfriend to say ‘I Love You.’

list of flowers that can be used as romantic Flowers

#1 Tulip

Tulips are for Happy-go-lucky type of people. A bunch of tulips says that it’s springtime and you should also go out and have fun. These flowers are available in red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. You can choose red tulips for your girlfriend as it symbolizes love. These are the best fit for anniversaries and birthdays. Also, you can use tulip if you are new in a relationship and want to give it some more time before committing. 

#2 Lilac

Lilac comes in the only light purple shade and symbolizes young love. If you and your partner are young and in love, lilacs are the best to express your feelings for each other. These are very elegant yet casual types of flowers and can be gifted on any occasion. So, grab a bouquet of lilac and express your love to your lover. 

#3 Orchids

Orchids are known for their class. These are extra delicate and exotic as compared to other blossoms. Orchids are deeply romantic and are suitable gifts for any date with your lover. 

Moreover, they are more long-lasting and so, they will have a long-lasting effect on your lover. Orchids are available in all rainbow colors, and all of them can be used romantically on date nights. 

#4 The Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lily is a unique choice. It is dramatic yet exotic. So, if you gift it to your partner, it would mean you have put effort into finding the best romantic flower for them. 

You can choose a pink with white accent shade if you want to present it romantically. Its bright color and shades are extremely eye-catching and will definitely impress your lover. 

#5 Pastel Carnation

Carnations are well-known flowers. However, its pastel shades are not very popular in that category. But, if you look at pastel carnations, it won’t take seconds to feel attracted. 

Its aesthetic beauty cannot be expressed in words, and if you choose them as a gift to your girlfriend, they will be more than impressed and adore you forever. So choose white carnations as it expresses pure love. 

#6 Gerbera Daisies

Amongst the daisies, gerbera daisies are the most romantic and popular choice of flowers. However, expressing love with a dark red rose is not compulsory. Love can be delicate and innocent too. So, if you want to express your soft and pure love to your partner, you can choose gerbera daisies. 


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