5 Ideal Flowers To Gift Your Beloved

5 Ideal Flowers To Gift Your Beloved

Whenever there is a dilemma on what to gift to your person, especially when there is no specific occasion and you still want to make them feel loved, you can always turn towards flowers. They don’t require any specific occasion for gifting, and they beautifully display the warmth of your love to your beloved. You don’t have to limit yourself while choosing the right ones, as there are sample choices to select from.

When there are a plethora of choices at your disposal, it becomes a difficult job to select a few. We want something pleasurable not only to the eyes but also to hold a significant value.  So, to make your job easy, here are 

Five flowers that you won’t miss gifting to someone.


Tulips resemble pure and deep love, taken after the Stories of Shirin and Farhad associated with it. With over 150 species, they are available in almost every color except blue.

The Netherlands exports the highest number of tulips every year, and the love for the flower is such that every year in Amsterdam, they celebrate “National Tulip Day.” 

It has various uses in the cosmetic industry and has even been used to make medicines for cough and cold. 


Named by a greek botanist called Theophrastos, the word orchid has derived from the Greek phrase ‘orchis.’ These fascinating beauties resemble elegance, fertility, and uniqueness.

Orchids can be found in yellow, pink, purple, white, and orange colors. The vanilla extract, commonly used in baking items, has derived from the vanilla orchid plant. The Orchid’s bulb is consumed in various regions because of its strong aphrodisiac properties.


They are the first ones to bloom in the spring. They are associated with hope, rebirth, and resilience as they have survived the long winter storms. According to greek folklores, they are also known as ‘Narcissus,’ named after the river god’s sun and are highly regarded in China as they flower at the same time as the Chinese new year, thus indicating prosperity and good fortune.

Found in yellow, white, pink, and orange, these flowers can also be used to prepare essential oils.


Signifying elegance and change, they are famously known as the ‘Houdini of the garden’ due to their range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Blooming in more than 1000 species, they are available in various shades and colors. Its bouquet made by combining different types of dahlias is very famous.

It is an ornamental as well as therapeutic plant, consisting of starch in its root, which is useful in diabetes.


They are seen as a sign of romance, prosperity, honor, and bashfulness. Many myths surround this beauty, like in ancient times, it was said to cure more than 20 diseases, and children wore it around necks to avoid toothaches and seizures.

They are considered “king of flowers” in China, thus planted at the imperial palace. They come in white, pink, and red colors, and some can change their colors, known as the coral charm peonies.


So, these are the flowers one can never go wrong gifting with, as they have a tint of beauty and elegance in them. They are even a perfect fit for gifting your sweetheart on valentines day. 

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