Proxy Servers: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Use Them

Most companies today heavily rely on internet connectivity and World Wide Web-based services. Many businesses are exploring alternate solutions to provide unique services that meet the needs of their ever-growing user base. 

Also, they’re more concerned about protecting their privacy and their clients. This is because, every day, the internet becomes a threat to privacy. Today most mobile apps and websites are keen on monitoring your online move.

But thanks to the ever-improving technology! They’re playing a significant role in helping businesses maintain their privacy. A proxy server is one of the technologies most companies are leveraging.

The need to track users’ behaviors has made private and public spaces lack security. However, most people don’t understand the main purpose of proxy servers. 

Today let’s dive into why your company should consider using a proxy server. By installing a proxy server, you help your organization to achieve the following: 

  • Enjoy some level of security
  • Access to more accurate data
  • Balance your website traffic
  • Secure your IP address
  • Increase your network speed and bandwidth

Protects Your IP Address

Most people know about proxy servers because of their ability to mask their IP address. Therefore, this is one of the most apparent advantages your business will enjoy if it uses a proxy server.

Proxy servers help to secure your actual IP address from the server that directs your target website. 

At times you may experience servers blocking you from accessing certain websites. But investing in a proxy server could help you navigate such a scenario. It will make it easier for your company to access prohibited websites. 

Besides, some countries have strict rules that don’t allow their residents to access certain websites. So you can leverage proxy servers if you’re in a geo-restricted nation. You can search for a free proxy server list to determine the best one for your company. Ensure you pick a free proxy available in your country. 

Proxy Servers Improve Your Company Security

Cybersecurity is one of the major challenges that most businesses face today.  According to statistics, cybersecurity increases every year by 10%. And in 2019, online data breaches affected 4-1 billion people in the first six months. 

The cost of online breaches was approximately $8-64 million in 2020. This demonstrates how deadly cybercrimes are to businesses. 

Cybercrimes will significantly affect your reputation and finances. Besides, online breaches put your trusted customers at risk. The accessibility of technology significantly contributes to these data breaches and hacking. 

Your computer device and proxy server on your network have IP addresses. When you use a proxy server, you might be able to keep your IP address private. This is because the proxy server IP replaces your device’s IP address. 

Moreover, the proxy server is responsible for receiving and sending all data on the internet. This makes it complex for hackers to access your primary IP address as they will only access the proxy servers. 

Therefore, they won’t be able to access your data as it is well secure. You can invest in a proxy server to defend your business from cyberattacks. 

But keep in mind that they don’t guarantee 100% protection. However, they reduce the breach attacks because of the barrier they provide. 

Gives Your Organization Accurate Data

It’s natural for businesses to monitor their competitors to improve their own services. So often, they might visit their competitors’ websites when looking for information. 

But chances of getting incorrect data after visiting a competitor’s site with an exposed identity are high. So it’s vital that you mask your IP address when visiting competitors’ websites. 

Doing this allows you to research your rivals’ product lines and price points. Using premium proxy servers may be beneficial to you. 

Proxy servers guarantee you objective and accurate data. As a result, your business will remain competitive in the market. 

That’s why companies should leverage efficient proxy servers to enjoy these benefits. You will gain access to all the data you’re looking for in the digital realm. 

Balances Your Website Traffic to Prevent it From Crashing

Most visitors don’t like a site that has a poor uptime. If you want to experience a decline in your company site visits, then you need to neglect the uptime speed. 

Massive web traffic can jam your system. It will prevent potential clients from seeing your business if it’s not controlled early. This can be detrimental to your business when it happens. 

And when this happens, and customers find it challenging to access your website, they’ll ought for other alternatives. In short, you stand to lose potential customers to your competitors. 

Naturally, your web server is responsible for all your website’s data. Investing in a proxy server helps to distribute all these loads to multiple servers located all over the world. 

This gives your website the power to handle vast numbers of client requests. As a result, you can meet and satisfy your clients’ needs. The proxy server balances all the requests by ensuring there is no server overload. Besides, it helps serve as a single access point for all the other servers. 

Increases Your Network Speed and Bandwidth

The demand for faster websites keeps growing every year. According to a survey, users expect a page to load in only two seconds, and 19% of these visitors will shift to a competitor’s website after the third second.

Naturally, when your company website experiences massive web traffic, it may crash. This results in your website displaying a 404 error to your website users. 

Often this usually hurts your overall company performance. It will negatively affect your brand reputation, search results ranking, and company sales. 

You can invest in a proxy server to prevent such problems. It solves this by redirecting your traffic to other web servers. Also, it helps to cache web pages, compress your files and prevent advertisements from appearing. 

This will help free up a lot of your website bandwidth. Hence making it easy for users to navigate your website which is beneficial for your business. 

Keep in mind that the load speed of your website reduces the volume of questions clients would have to ask. Proxy servers can cache frequently visited pages.

Caching web pages is critical as it helps to increase the site load time and use less bandwidth every time it receives a similar request. 

Wrapping Up

Most people shy away from purchasing proxy servers to save money. However, investing in proxy servers saves you much more than the money you invest in them. 

You’ll be confident that your data is well protected from the unsafe digital space. But ensure you invest in a proxy server managed by a trustworthy third party. 

Free proxy servers are valuable, but you need to be cautious when using them. Third parties may eavesdrop on your information and harm your business. 

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