Outdoor Subscription Boxes What Are the Best Ones for Nature Enthusiasts

Nature Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, you need the right items to help you accomplish your needs. However, many people find it challenging to select the right gear due to limited knowledge and enormous options. Hence, you can trust specialists and experts to pack the best outdoor subscription boxes so that you can enjoy your adventure.

The boxes contain hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and many more outdoor activities. There are many options for nature enthusiasts and lovers, and here are some top selections to meet your outdoor needs.


The boxes are delivered monthly to the men and women interested in outdoor, survival, and tactical gear. The boxes are selected based on themes and are suitable for hikers, hunters, sailors, and campers. These boxes contain 4-5 items based on the various options available. The options include Basic Box, Advanced Box, Pro Box, and Pro Plus Box.

The basic package is available for $29.99 monthly, and it comes with outdoor gear, manuals, survival tools, and emergency supplies. The Advanced package goes for $59.99 monthly, and it contains the items in the primary option and additional items such as camping gear, bushcraft, EDC gear, hiking equipment, and many more.

Its pro version is available for $109.99 monthly, and you get extra resources such as tents, watches, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Many people consider the pro plus version as the best outdoor subscription box, and it goes for $159.99 and contains quality items from various brands such as Bastion, TOPS, Spyderco, and many more.

This brand constantly updates videos informing buyers about tactical and survival items. The contents in the boxes are selected based on seasons and themes. Battlbox partners with more than ten brands to get the quality items in every box sent to your address. Some partner brands include Hydrapak, Gerber, Kershaw, and many more.

Crate Club

If you are a fan of survival and tactical outdoor activities, this subscription box will be the best choice for you. The essential items in the box are selected by professionals committed to ensuring you have the necessary tactical and survival gear. This subscription box was voted the gift for men by SOFREP.com; hence you can use it as a perfect gift to a fiancée or hubby.

Various subscriptions are available for you, including the Lieutenant option, which requires $49.99 quarterly and $179.99 annually. You get survival and self-defense tools such as fire starters in this option. The second option is the Captain, which goes for $99.99 quarterly and $359.99 annually. This box contains items similar to those in the Lieutenant option, plus additional medical kits, an EDC pack, and many more. The third option is the $399.99 quarterly and $1399.99 annual subscription fee.

The Nomadik

This box comes with products customized based on your needs and different themes in the year. It contains quality items selected from top brands such as Parks Project and HyadraPak. The boxes cost an annual subscription of $30 plus $33 monthly renewal fees. Within the box, you get products worth over $50. This makes many people prefer it because the value of the products is more than the costs you spend. The boxes are delivered to your address monthly, and you are required to share your outdoor calendar or activities of the month so that the team can select the best items for you. If you need the essential items for camping or outdoor activities, this subscription box will save you from the stress of developing a packing list.


Unlike other boxes in its categories, the customers choose their boxes from the multiple subscription options available. Customers also enjoy free shipping. The box is suitable for energy-intensive activities such as hiking and biking. The package contains energy bars, water bottles, granola, and other apparel. Customers can also get reward points whenever they review the products and use them on discount items. The discount items are available at their online shops. You can also choose between the quarterly and monthly subscription packages making it very convenient.

Little Hiker

This subscription box commits to helping children enjoy the outdoor environment. The package contains special treats for the kids and surprises for the parents. Your kid also gets a chance to join the Hike It Baby club whenever you subscribe to the package. The membership can cover up to three children. They also have an online shop where customers can request products without subscribing. The subscription ranges between $20 to $25 monthly, and for the fee, you get products valued at over $30.

Runner box

Many prefer this box because it tends to contain more items than others. A box comes with 10 to 12 items selected from top brands like Nuun and Clif. There are also special boxes for activities such as cycling. There are various subscription options for customers to enjoy, such as $25 annual subscriptions, $29 monthly subscriptions, and $ 81 six months’ subscription. Some of the everyday items you can expect in the package include nutrition, hydration, and sport-specific things.

Bottom line

There are many subscription boxes available on the market. The choice of the perfect one should depend on many factors, such as subscription options. If you need special items for survival and tactical needs, you can try BattlBox or Crate club subscriptions. These boxes contain gears selected by professionals such as army veterans and survival experts.

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