Off-Registry Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding a gift for the happy couple can be easy if you know the couple very well. However, they can also be stressful if you’ve lost touch for years and have no idea what they like nowadays. Thankfully that’s what the wedding registry is for.

However, there are times when everything in the registry has been gifted or that they are too expensive for the guest. Thankfully there are many off-registry gifts that are thoughtful and can bring joy to the couple.

Here are off-registry wedding gift ideas.

Monthly Wine Subscription

If you see that the couple has requested wine glasses on their registry, a monthly wine subscription is a great complement to this gift. This is especially true if the couple is enthusiastic with trying or collecting wine. 

There are many wine subscription providers and you can choose to subscribe them to 1 bottle or multiple bottles per month. A subscription is a great way to let them indulge in their hobby and build their cellar at the same time.

A Spa Day 

The Resort at Pedregal in Cabo, Mexico is a popular destination wedding venue. Many couples and guests enjoy their stay here because it has something for everybody. The resort has everything you need for a relaxing weekend, from cocktails to mountain trails.

The resort also houses the Luna y Mar Spa and gifting the couple a spa day can make their stay more memorable. You can opt to schedule the session before or after the wedding. Either way, it will give them a time to relax and unwind and your thoughtfulness will be remembered because it has become a part of their wedding story.

Engagement or Prenuptial Photo Shoot

You can organize an engagement or pre-nuptial photo session with the couple’s wedding planner. If it is an engagement shoot, you can offer this to the couple a few weeks after they announce their engagement so that they can prepare.

If it is a prenuptial photo shoot, you can ask their wedding planner Cabo to coordinate with the couple for the perfect time and place. This is a memorable gift that will surely be cherished and remembered by the couple.

Date Night 

Another thoughtful gift is date night. This is especially touching and thoughtful if you personally know the couple. You can book them a dinner date at the restaurant of their first date or re-enact the first date all over again.

It can be a fun night at the movies or the arcade and dinner afterwards. The choices are all fun and endless and will surely create a memorable night to remember. 

Cash or Gift Cards

Some people think that cash or gift cards are not suitable for wedding gifts because they seem impersonal or a lazy choice. However, gift cards or money are not only practical, they are also a good choice if you don’t know the couple very well.

You can put the money or gift card in a red envelope or a wedding envelope. Don’t forget to add your well wishes for a little bit of personal touch.


Gift giving can be hard especially if you’re super busy and don’t have a lot of time to pick out gifts for the couple. Wedding registry can certainly make choosing gifts easy, but always remember to choose something that is not only useful to the couple but can also spark happiness for them. 

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