New version of “Search Quality Rating Guidelines”, here are all the news

Google has recently releas the complete version of the “Search Quality Rating Guidelines” a document containing the guidelines on the evaluations that are carrie out to assign a quality score to a site. Evaluations made by quality raters …

But who are these quality raters?

They are collaborators in “flesh and blood”, supporting the automated algorithm of Google. Who have the task of analyzing the information contained in the results of the serp with the specific purpose of ensuring search results of the highest quality.

Starting from the assumption that a site to be consider of quality must offer the visitor an add value through its contents and an interface that can be easily navigat from any device. Here then is that in this new version of the guide. There are two factors that are given a lot of importance:

  • usability on mobile devices
  • the quality of the content and information on the site

By now the traffic generated by smartphones, tablets. And other mobile devices is equal to the traffic generated by desktops, so it is essential, to have a good quality score, that a site is mobile-friendly.
As for the second factor to consider in order to obtain a good ranking: the contents, the information present on a site are consider of quality when they provide a useful answer to what the user has been looking for. Original and useful texts will therefore be need to rank higher in the serp.

The guide is an excellent vademecum not only for quality raters , but also for seo employees who in this way learn the parameters to be respect at least as regards the “human component of Google”.
The 160-page pdf document is available  by clicking here

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