Must Buy Electrical Accessories at Your New Home


Moving into a new home means you’ll have to spend a reasonable amount of time making sure it’s entirely ready for you to settle in. Electrical fittings and accessories are the basic necessities. Once your power lines are live, you have to make sure you cover the essentials along with your décor electrical items. Here we give you a list of important electrical fixtures for your home, so you don’t forget any!


This one may seem a no-brainer, but you’ll need different kinds of lights in different places of the house. You may choose some indoor lighting options like accent lighting in your living space or recessed lights in your bedroom or study rooms. Make sure you don’t miss out on spots like the door entrance, the balcony, the bathrooms, and similar enclosed areas. If you have an attic or terrace, you can use special lighting if you have some purpose in mind. You can turn them into a reading corner or a hobby room and set up lights accordingly. Keep some essential electrical tools within reach so you can do some small repairs or fixture work by yourself in case you miss something. You can also plan on setting up a special corner in your house, like the porch, a side by the window, or maybe a garden seating area that can be accentuated by lights. 


Fans are not passé even though air conditioning is getting common these days. You’ll need fans during summer times. Set up fans (ceiling or table fans) in outdoor places like the porch, patio, and balcony so you can enjoy the summer breeze while cooling yourself down. Portable mini fans and tabletop fans are great when you’re working in the heat in the garden shed or garage. So keep these points in mind while selecting fans for your house. 


You’ll find designer switchboards nowadays, which replace the plain jane white plastic switchboards we were used to. Choose from a range of stylish finishes from metallic to sleek solid colors to mosaic switchboards to match your indoor décor and spruce up your interiors. If you plan to use decorative indoor lighting, a set of switches or switchboards accentuating the lights and your overall décor is a really lovely idea.  

Voltage stabilizer

Voltage stabilizers are important for protecting your electrical accessories. Stabilizers are available for high-end electronic goods like air conditioners, refrigerators, computer systems, home theatres, and others that consume high power. The voltage converters protect your devices against power fluctuations like upsurges and under-voltages. Fluctuating voltage can damage your electrical goods, and a stabilizer exactly prevents that. Make sure that you get a mainline stabilizer, or each of your high-power electrical appliances has a stabilizer attached to it. 

Kitchen appliances

Your kitchen will need a number of electrical appliances. Blenders and microwave ovens are the basics. Do you plan to reduce your workload in your new house? Then probably you should get a dishwasher too. You can opt for a portable dishwasher that doesn’t need plumbing work or an overhead one to save space. The refrigerator will occupy a good amount of space, so plan accordingly. A kitchen chimney will occupy the overhead space, so you have to plan your wall cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen, keeping the chimney in mind. You can also opt for electric cooking stoves with 2 or 4 burners so that you don’t need cooking gas and have more convenience. Don’t forget smaller devices like food processors, coffee makers, toasters, waffle makers, grillers, and water purifiers.  

Washing machine

Your laundry room or laundry corner will need a washing machine. Again, gauge the space and the probable volume of laundry before getting a washing machine. Opt for a washing machine with a dryer to get your chores done faster.  


An indispensable item among electrical tools, the iron may seem a small accessory lost in the plethora of bigger appliances. Still, you’ll need it as the first thing once you move in and wash your clothes the first time. There are various kinds of irons; steam irons, cordless irons, or a simple iron with heat regulation features. Choose the one you’ll be most comfortable with, but this doesn’t end here. You’ll need an ironing board and other laundry accessories, so remember to take care of them as well. 

Power backup

Power cuts can happen at any time, although it’s rare nowadays. A natural calamity can cause power failure in an entire town, or a big-time electrical miscalculation can make a city go without power for days. It’s best to stay prepared. Keep emergency lights, power backup inverters, batteries, and solar-powered electrical equipment as backups. 

Smart security locks

Smart homes are on another level these days. If you are moving into a new house planned as a smart home, you’d already have several smart devices for intelligent operations. However, even average houses choose smart locks these days because it gives you more safety and security features. Motion sensor smart security systems and smart security locks with passcode systems or other recognition features provide broad coverage for safety. It’s better than your traditional lock and key doors, and also, you don’t have to worry about losing your key. The smart lock will also connect with other smart devices in your house, making your life easier. 

Wi-Fi router

What’s a home without internet these days? You feel like living under a rock if you face no internet connection for a few minutes. While choosing a router for your home, take into consideration the size of your house and that the internet coverage is strong in every place in the house. Avoid setting up your router in dead spots. The bigger your house is, the more robust router you’d need. Ask your service provider to guide you while setting up a Wi-Fi router for your home. 
That’s a list of the basic electronic appliances and accessories you’d need in a house. Of course, the wiring, sockets, and plugs must be in place before buying any electrical goods. It’s always good to have some electrical tools at your disposal so that you have some spare parts for replacement and can get some basic fixes done without calling the electrician guy.

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