Mobile Device Management: Changing the Face of IT in Organizations

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The role of Information Technology in today’s business environment is vast. Every organization, be it a large MNC or a small startup business rely heavily on technology. IT administrators are responsible for a multitude of tasks including maintenance and proper functioning of the corporate networks, seamless remote connectivity between dispersed teams, inventory management, corporate data protection, offering instant troubleshooting, and much more. In a dynamic business world, the role of an IT administrator keeps evolving constantly. Remote working, enterprise mobility, use of custom devices, IoT, as well as the ever-growing cyber threats are managed by the business’s IT admins. As they say, “with great power, comes great responsibility”, IT admins generally face tremendous work pressure and many are overburdened with the massive responsibilities that they shoulder.

To ease the burden on a globally overwhelmed IT industry, there are several automation and management tools and platforms available today. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have been widely accepted by IT admins to help them manage their diverse range of daily tasks.

Mobile Device Management: Boosting IT Productivity and Efficiency

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the need of the hour. Remote working is on a constant surge as businesses all over the world are adopting enterprise mobility and workplace flexibility. Modern-day MDM solutions help IT administrators to streamline and automate their complex and time-consuming tasks which leaves more room to focus on other more crucial tasks and helps IT teams improve their productivity.

IT teams are challenged with several factors such as keeping the corporate network safe from malicious actors, supporting a remote work infrastructure, securing and provisioning tonnes of corporate devices with business tools and resources, constructing enterprise policies and monitoring compliance and routine updates. MDM solutions help IT admins perform all of these diverse tasks remotely and from a single centralized console.

MDM Capabilities: How Can IT Admins Simplify Their Tedious Tasks

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MDM solutions help IT admins perform a diverse set of tasks on multiple types of devices, remotely. Let’s look at some of the major features that the latest MDM solutions offer:

  1. Remote Distribution of Resources

With businesses going remote, the process of provisioning employees’ devices with business-specific tools and content really gets complicated. MDM solutions help IT admins push public and in-house apps on the bulk devices simultaneously. Sharing of documents of diverse formats can also be done easily over the air to help employees gain remote access to their corporate files and tools.

  1. Task Automation
    MDM solutions also offer extensive features to help IT admins automate their redundant tasks. Most IT admins feel overwhelmed due to the number of manual tasks that they have to execute. Automating routine tasks such as scheduling timely OS and system updates, running periodic compliance checks, broadcasting company updates, device reboots, etc. go a long way in helping IT teams save time and effort.
  2. Reports & Analytics

Keeping a track of the numerous devices, their locations, their performance can be a complicated task. MDM solutions help IT admins leverage extensive device-level reports to gain deep insights into the location, health and usage patterns of their device inventory. Some modern-day MDM solutions also offer comprehensive analytics based on the reports to provide IT admins an overview of their entire inventory.

  1. Security Policies

One of the biggest and the most crucial tasks that IT admins are responsible for is data and network security. With the surge in remote working, IT admins have to shoulder the responsibility of creating strong security policies for the organizations, configuring multiple layers of device, data and network security, as well as running constant compliance checks. MDM solutions offer the configuration of a plethora of security features for diverse device types and OS types, from a single dashboard.

  1. Remote Support

What happens when employees face issues on their work devices? Whether it is a simple issue like forgetting passwords or a complex issue such as software problems or email setup, employees need quick IT support. This is not a problem in traditional office culture since employees can quickly get in touch with the IT department to resolve their issues. But in a remote environment, the inability to fix device errors quickly can lead to an extended device downtime. MDM solutions offer remote troubleshooting capabilities such as remote cast, remote screen control, screenshots and recordings, VoIP calls, etc. to help IT admins reach out to their remote employees and fix device errors rapidly.

Why Does IT Need MDM Now More Than Ever?

MDM solutions have been in the market for a while now, however, the rate of MDM adoption is still constantly surging due to its capability to help IT teams cater to the changing demands of the corporate world.

  1. Management of custom devices
    Gone are the days when businesses used only laptops and PCs for work. Digitalization has struck every industrial sector and has given rise to the use of custom-built devices. On-field industries such as mining, construction, logistics, use special rugged devices that are built to withstand harsh environments. Similarly, several industries such as retail, hospitality, travel use unattended Kiosk devices that are managed remotely with Kiosk software. Several businesses turn their off-the-shelf Android devices into digital kiosks using the Android Kiosk Mode feature offered by MDM solutions. This saves businesses from investing in separate kiosk devices and helps IT admins manage these devices remotely and save on-site visits.
  2. Securing BYO devices
    As remote working is picking pace, BYOD is growing strong. Several businesses around the world are allowing their employees to use their personal devices for work. This means, more and more devices are connecting to the corporate networks from beyond the office perimeters. IT admins of organizations need to take special care to provision and secure such BYO devices to protect their sensitive business information from lurking cyber threats. With MDM solutions, IT admins can simplify their BYOD management and configure policies for corporate data segmentation, data encryption, passcode policies, secure browsing and much more.
  3. Enterprise Mobility Management
    Enterprise mobility is one of the latest corporate trends that is helping businesses maximize their productivity and gain a competitive edge in the market. Enterprise mobility relies heavily on the use of digital devices to execute critical operations and manage remote teams. MDM solutions help IT admins simplify their business’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). IT admins can secure and manage multiple types of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, rugged devices, kiosks, vehicle-mounted devices, handheld scanners, POS and much more. Besides, MDM solutions offer a comprehensive platform for the management of all the major OS including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 via a centralized console.

Closing Lines

The world has gone digital and the IT industry has a crucial role in it. MDM solutions like Scalefusion help IT admins around the globe improve their productivity and streamline their versatile deployments using a single solution. IT teams need not toggle between numerous software to manage their enterprise mobility, comprehensive MDM solutions bring consolidated and high-performance management to the table, helping IT teams deliver better.

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