Low-key and Easy Ways to Keep Your Homes Warm During Winters

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As winters are just a few months away and we can expect the weather to take a dip from October onwards, preparing your homes for the chilly season is important. Heating your home is definitely a salient task. But we cannot overlook the dilemma of high heating bills that tend to take a toll as the weather gets colder.

Before winters kick in, there is certainly a lot to consider. If your boiler gave up on you last year, it is best to get a new Boiler Installation Twickenham done at least a month prior. Likewise, checking up on your radiator is quite important too.

But while all of this cannot be avoided, there are some simple tips that can actually help you keep your home warm, without spending a lot of money. And we have the secret, here with us.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Homes Warm During Winters

You are just in time because you still have a few months to understand and gear up on the mentioned tips.

1. Use Timers for your Heating System:

According to the experts, timing your boiler to turn on at least 30 minutes earlier in the morning, at a low temperature, helps you save money, instead of turning it on at a higher temperature. Timers can help you program your new boiler in this manner. Furthermore, it is important to keep a timer for shutting it off as well because you might leave for work in a rush, leaving it open.

2. Utilize the Curtains Wisely:

Sun rays help keep you warm during the winter days. It is not only free but feels extremely pleasant too. Thus, utilizing your curtains accurately during the cold weather is important. Turn the curtains up on a sunny day and let the warmth seep into your house. As the sun begins to set, close the curtains. Also, make sure that no gap is left behind so that the warmth can stay indoors.

3. Wrap up Yourselves:

This might seem common but there are a lot of people who do not wear sufficient warm clothes while being indoors. This simply results in utilizing your heating system more than usual. Thus, it is recommended that you wear warm clothes indoors as well and layer up if required.

Boiler Installation Twickenham
Boiler Installation Twickenham

4. Boiler Upgrade:

If your boiler has been with you for more than 10 years now, it is time to get a New Boiler Ealing installation done as soon as possible. Replace your old one with an efficient model that uses less energy. There are many energy-efficient options available in the market these days. Thus, it is best to replace your older model with a newer one and enjoy the additional benefits.

5. Use Rugs:

If you have unused rugs lying in your storeroom because they don’t seem fit for the summers; it is time to bring them out. Using rugs can easily warm up your spaces. Most importantly, they keep your feet warm, unlike a tile or hardwood floor. And on top of all these added benefits, they add a perfect hint of style to your room too. Now, that isn’t a bad deal, is it?


Warming up your space is not solely reliant on your heating systems. It comes down to how you plan things beforehand and implement them accordingly. It is certainly important to switch on your heaters and feel cosy but sometimes, adding a rug or wrapping yourself appropriately can significantly reduce the need for a heater. Instead of keeping it on for long, endless hours, you might easily get warm within an hour or minutes only.

Thus, get a new boiler that helps you save up, wear warm clothes and add rugs to your rooms. Lastly, check your radiators and make sure that your furnace filter is not filthy as it won’t perform optimally, no matter how long you keep the heating system turned on.

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