List of Flowers to Send at the Funeral

flowers to send at the funeral

Losing a loved one is unfamiliar to many people. Loss disrupts our lives, leaving us to wonder, “What comes next?” In these circumstances, thoughtful deeds of kindness frequently have the greatest significance. Flowers to send at the funeral is a thoughtful way to show the grieving family that you care. The most that can be expected from family and friends is that they remember all the dead did for them and treat them with respect. Funerals are always a solemn and somewhat difficult event, whether you’re planning them or just attending. One of life’s most difficult events is losing a loved one, and it can be challenging to know how to support someone through such a trying time. We can assist you in selecting appropriate funeral flowers for the deceased’s friends and family. 

Roses – Flowers

The rose is a pretty much universal representation of reverence and love. This makes roses perfect flowers to send at the funeral arrangements. The colors shown above are only a handful of the many tints that roses can have. Yellow roses are perfect for celebrating the life of a close friend, while pink flowers show sophistication and remembering. Traditional red roses online symbolize intense and enduring affection even after someone has passed away. Consider including roses in your funeral floral arrangement to make it colorful. 


Because of their beauty, rarity, and durability, orchids are among the most prized funeral flowers. These are excellent, particularly if you’re thinking about giving flowers to the deceased person’s relatives. Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids are the two types of orchids that are typically delivered to the bereaved during funerals or a time of mourning. They are available in pink or white. These flowers can be a particularly consoling gift for folks who are grieving because of the way they represent enduring affection and sincere sorrow.

In contrast to other funeral flower arrangements, orchids are best delivered to the mourning person’s house in a vase or bouquet. When properly cared for, these blooms can bloom for several months.

Chrysanthemums – Flowers

Chrysanthemums, sometimes known as mums, are ideal for funeral arrangements since they are available in various shapes and colors. Mums can sustain heavier flowers like lilies and make up a whole bouquet, basket, or spray on their own. 


Irises are frequently chosen as the official funeral flower for fallen troops. They stand for trust, esteem, bravery, and hope. Since the beginning of Greek mythology, irises have been associated with sympathy. The goddess Iris was revered as the conduit connecting heaven and earth and directing souls to heaven. 

Hydrangeas – Flowers

It is well known that you can use these flowers to convey strong emotions like loss and love. Sending a bunch or arrangement of hydrangeas and other flowers expresses sincerity and thanks. Regardless of color, these flowers are a favorite for sympathy flower arrangements because they add a little peace to a gloomy day. 


 The lily is the centerpiece of most traditional funeral bouquets. The lily can be a potent representation of a loved one’s spirit, giving a bereaved family comfort and hope. Sending white is appropriate for religious or faith-based events. 

Daisy – Flowers

Whether white or in more vibrant colors, Daisies are a common choice for enhancing funeral floral arrangements that include other flowers. Daisies-heavy arrangements have historically been utilized for children’s and newborn funerals. 


The purple hyacinth is a common symbol of regret and melancholy. Clearly, this statement belongs in a funeral atmosphere. Sometimes all that is needed is a straightforward expression of sympathy for the family. Instead of trying to comfort the family with platitudes allow yourself to acknowledge the reality of their loss and offer your sympathies. Inform them that you care about them and are aware of their plight. When you learn of someone’s demise, the purple hyacinth can convey your sorrow, and this plain response is frequently exactly what the family needs.

Nobody should ever experience losing a loved one, friend, or family member. Unfortunately, everyone experiences this in life, and lending a helping hand can be extremely beneficial. Life can seem slightly happier if you order hand-crafted, hand-delivered flowers online. These attractive options bring families closer as they say goodbye while providing consolation during life’s joys and sorrows. By selecting these exotic flowers and having them delivered, you can spread more love while making planning simpler.

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