Do Personal Insta Loan Inquiries Impact CIBIL Score?

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Isn’t it great to be pre-approved for Insta loan? You could avoid the time-consuming process of applying for a loan, the hassle of submitting essential documents, and everything else that goes along with it. There is no doubt that the answer to this question is a “yes”. While an Insta loan is an excellent financing option, it is crucial for a borrower to understand the details of the same. Because most prospective borrowers are unaware of the concept of an Insta loan, they accept them without understanding the consequences to their credit score.

How does a personal Insta loan work?

When you check the balance of your account at an ATM or have just withdrawn cash from your account, you may have received pop-up notifications advising you of insta personal loans. These messages must have also followed you if you accessed your net or mobile banking accounts. In addition, banks and financial institutions may also have contacted you asking about your loan requirements. The insta loan is a promotional initiative that banks and other financial institutions use to increase sales of their loans, insta loan app  is the best method for it.

Therefore, banks and financial institutions carefully select prospective borrowers from among their existing customers based on their debt repayment history, the number of credit cards or loans against their names, and other essential factors. Lenders can use this information to determine whether prospective borrowers are eligible for a loan based on their timeliness for repaying loans and credit card bills. In addition to being able to tide over unforeseen financial or medical emergencies, insta personal loans can also cover long-standing repayment obligations or serve as a means to protect against the effects of losing one’s job.

In most cases, pre-approvals on credit cards are only available for a limited time. Documents usually required are:

  • A bank statement
  • Salary slips for the last three months.
  • A PAN card
  • Proof of the applicant’s identity and residence.

As a result of the fact that the individual is already an existing customer, the documentation process is relatively quick, so the lender does not have to go through a lengthy process to verify the identity of the prospective borrower.

Soft vs hard inquiries

Soft inquiries

CIBIL reports are not included in these inquiries, as customers only track them. Therefore, lenders will not be able to see this information, and it won’t affect the CIBIL score in any way. During the loan application process, lenders will also check a prospective borrower’s credit history when they pre-approve a loan for a line of credit or download their CIBIL report to provide the borrower with a credit score. 

Hard inquiries 

It is possible to incur a hard inquiry when you apply for a loan or a credit card. There may be occasions when a lender may be able to use the soft inquiry that was pulled earlier as a reference to a borrower who has actively applied for a loan after receiving information about the pre approved offer. Sometimes, lenders will also access a new CIBIL report to track the loan applicant’s credit history, accounting for a hard inquiry on the loan applicant’s credit history. Getting a hard inquiry on a candidate’s CIBIL score is generally unnecessary for it to be detrimental. The CIBIL score will, however, be negatively affected by several hard inquiries.

Impact of insta loans on CIBIL scores

Some insta loans will not harm your CIBIL score at all. Let’s explore how insta loans can affect your CIBIL score.

Frequent hard inquiries indicate financial duress 

Pre-approval loans are misleading, as discussed above, regarding hard inquiries. It is important to note that the pre-approval you have received does not necessarily mean the loan has been approved. A lender targets these loans at existing customers whose creditworthiness and good health make them eligible for these loans. Insta loans follow the same loan application approval process as regular loans.

Rejection of insta loan applications

It is important to note that insta loans do not mean that the lender has approved the loan. As a result, insta loan applicants are exposed to chances of rejection. The purpose of such loans is to provide them to existing customers based on variables such as their current income, credit history, etc. As a result, the CIBIL score of the applicant would be affected negatively if the lender rejected the insta loan application for any reason.

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