How To Properly Manage Your Potential Hires

potential hires

Your HR department is already busy enough—why add on extra work when it comes to the hiring process? Creating a better process from start to finish will not only help take the pressure off HR and hiring managers, but can also save valuable time and money throughout the process. You will also find that, with a little organization and planning, you can create a more effective process that will yield better results when it comes to quality candidates. Start recruiting talent today with a plan to manage potential hires.

Save Time by Pre-Screening

Some employers find themselves going through application after application, just to see hundreds of unqualified candidates. This not only wastes time, but may cause you to miss someone who is truly qualified for the role. A simple way to remove these from your talent pool is by including “knockout questions” during the application process to weed out unwanted applications, or to schedule pre-employment tests with potential candidates to ensure they have the qualities you’re seeking. Including specific questions such as, “how long have you worked in this field?” can help you narrow it down much more quickly.

Invest in The Right Software

From recruiting prospective candidates all the way through the on-boarding process, there’s so much to do, but thank goodness for technology. In the year 2022, your HR department no longer has to struggle through the hiring process thanks to applicant management software to provide a hand along the way.

Also known as an applicant tracking system, or ATS, applicant management software is an easy way to automate the entire hiring process from start to finish. There are also plenty of different types of software to assist, and the right one for you depends on your organization’s unique needs. A good ATS can share job postings to multiple websites, schedule interviews for applicants as well as hiring managers, and bank key metrics during the process to help you in the future.

Stay in Touch

Whether you’re hiring a candidate for an open position or not, it’s important to keep in touch with potential hires throughout the process. Too often, organizations will “ghost” candidates after an interview, refusing to contact them after they didn’t get the job. This is a big no-no in any industry. Following up after an interview, even one that didn’t go well, helps make sure the individual still sees your organization as a reliable, trustworthy brand. Ignoring candidates can create bad blood—not only will they think twice before bringing their business to you in the future, but they may not apply for other better fitting positions in the future, meaning you miss out on good talent.

Building these relationships isn’t always easy, but with a good system for candidate management in place, you can continue to stay in touch in the future and perhaps this can even turn into another opportunity for you down the line. Make sure you’re storing their data to use in the future. Not everyone is a great fit for a particular role, but each candidate has the potential to bring you value.

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