How to Annotate a PDF on Mac

PDF on Mac

So, PDF is the most common file format that we all work with PDF on Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone. And there are some times you may need to annotate PDF to convey your work details to others. Also, it’s a vital task when you need to share your reviews with anyone. So, if you want to know how to annotate a PDF on Mac to run your PDF more easily, you need a good yet reliable PDF tool. 

And here, we’re going to talk about the best Free PDF annotator tool, “UPDF by Superace Software Technologies.” So, stick around with us! 

Overview – How to Annotate a PDF on Mac with UPDF

PDF annotations are the second most popular things we do after viewing and reading PDFs. And with the right tool, we can create PDFs with time-saving annotations. Also, new Mac users usually prefer annotation tools that are easy to run as they need and are compatible with their MacBook.

So, UPDF is the best choice that brings out the hidden features of your PDF. This tool is best for highlighting the main parts of your work and adding notes.

The best part is that UPDF is a free PDF editor. It’s a complete set of annotation tools for the users. The main features of this tool include highlights, notes, text boxes, pencils, erasers, shapes, etc.

So, let’s explore how to annotate a PDF on Mac with UPDF!

Steps to Annotate PDF on Mac

Follow these steps to annotate PDF on Mac.

  • Firstly, all you’ve to do is launch UPDF on your Mac.
  • Now, open that PDF you want to annotate by tapping on Open File. And then pick your file.
  • Next, on your screen, you’ll see three buttons. So, tap on the first one from right to left in the row.
  • It is called the Comment Box, and it will further give you all your favorite annotation tools.
  • And lastly, here, you can annotate PDF on Mac with the UPDF’s wide range of tools. 

Now, you can make your document look more vibrant in every way with this PDF modifier!

How to use Annotate Tools

The steps below will walk you through using the tool. But, firstly, it is vital to say that these tools work best for all Mac users.

  • To annotate your file, you can use the strikeout, highlight, and underline tools.
  • Also, you can highlight the main lines with different colors, and you can underline the text as well. It’s the best PDF highlighter.
  • And if you need to add some extra info to your document, you can use sticky notes. 
  • Using sticky notes helps you add more details to specific areas of a PDF document.

UPDF also gives you a handy annotation tool, Text Box, which will help you add the main idea of your content.

Insert Stamps and Shapes

A good thing about UPDF is that it allows you to add shapes and stamps to your PDF. You can insert any of it into a PDF file as per your choice for review. And as we know, it enhances the look of the content. Also, shapes and diagrams in different colors can add color to the document.

Use Sticker Annotation

We all want to make our content more delightful and engaging. So, with UPDF sticker annotation, you can add stickers to your document on Mac. This free PDF editor gives so many stickers.

Important Points – UPDF

One important thing to mention is that you can annotate and view your PDF file with UPDF’s great variety of markup and reading features. And thanks to its multi-tab format, it’s easy to open and view many PDF files all at once. 

Wouldn’t you all like to edit PDF files using a smartphone? Yes, you guess it right! The UPDF allows you to customize the pages so they can fit your screen perfectly. And as we know, we can’t annotate a big PDF file at once. But, with its bookmarking feature, you can continue where you left off.

The main attraction of UPDF is the ability to search a particular text in your PDF file while you’re viewing it. Lastly, and most notably, colors and shapes gain engagement. So, with UPDF, you can add colors and shapes to your document like arrows, rectangles, lines, etc. So, go ahead and fill in your favorite color to your PDF. It is a Free PDF annotator.

Product Features – UPDF

This free PDF modifier has some of the best features, which you can read below.

  • It allows you to make comments on your document. The comment tools are text boxes, sticky notes, etc.
  • The UPDF gives lots of shapes, colors, and stamps to enhance the PDF file.
  • It also offers text markups so you can review your PDFs. Underlining, highlighting, and strikethrough are its main features.
  • With UPDF, you can draw geometric shapes.
  • Editing, viewing, and managing are other great features.

Lastly, it gives a dedicated sidebar panel to sort annotations and comments.

Key Benefits and Drawbacks of UPDF

Now, let’s talk about some of the UPDF’s pros and cons.


  • One of the best things about UPDF is that it is a free PDF annotator. It’s a unique product. And you don’t need to take your credit card out. All you’ve to do is sign up, do your editing, and log out.
  • It is reliable, fast, and powerful as it is capable of handling heavy workflows.
  • UPDF gives the best features to annotate PDF on Mac.
  • It has a stunning design. And it has tailored the interface to satisfy user demands. 
  • Anyone can use UPDF without any hassle.
  • It gives free yet the best solution to everyone.


  • It doesn’t currently support the Android system.
  • And now, UPDF does not include the OCR feature.

The Bottom Line

PDF annotations are now one of the most vital tasks that we all perform daily. And it certainly enhances the quality of the document. As this post has explored how to annotate a PDF on Mac, the UPDF is the best choice for it for sure! It has quickly become the top-most option to organize PDF pages with easiness.

So, free Download and Free Sign-up to UPDF right now!

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