7 Different Patterns Of Parquet Flooring

Wooden Flooring for living rooms

As we know, parquet flooring is hardwood flooring. The most common benefit of this is that it is easy to clean and maintain. If you are looking for something unique and stylish,  Parquet flooring is one of the best options when we talk about keeping, cleaning and maintaining the floor. It is a type of wood that looks natural. It is a decorative element that adds interest and texture to the floor. 

This best wooden flooring in Dubai gives a great look to your living area. Parquet floor comes in different varieties and patterns. There are many different patterns of flooring. We will discuss some of them. 

Now we discussed 7 different parquet flooring patterns.

  1. Chevron parquet flooring
  2. Herringbone parquet flooring
  3. Mosaic
  4. Parquet de Versailles
  5. Bordeaux
  6. Basketweave 
  7. Chantilly

1. Chevron parquet flooring

Chevron flooring has diagonal features which produce a strong stipping effect.

Their boards are cut at an angle and laid at an angle of 40-60 degrees and every board is connected. The pattern may be fixed parallel or diagonally depending on wall partiality. 

2. Herringbone parquet flooring

Herringbone is the most popular and classic form of flooring having great shaping with dimensional stability. It looks similar to chevron flooring. Herringbone floorboards are cut in a rectangular shape. These patterns are laid at right angles; they form interconnect patterns over the floor. 

After cutting, the board is arranged uniquely and at the end of each board touches one side to another. Herringbone flooring gives strong stability to the floor because every board is connected. 

3. Mosaic

Mosaic is known as “finger strip parquet mosaic gives a modern or traditional look to the floor. These patterns can either be the same size and shape or change in width and height. Mosaic flooring is a popular option to fix in the home wall or any other area.

4. Parquet de versailles

The parquet Versailles pattern is used for large rooms. It Doesn’t need glue for fixing the parquet de Versailles. Parquet de Versailles are cut in square, rectangular, and triangle shapes and fit together like a puzzle. 

5. Bordeaux Parquet flooring

The Bordeaux pattern is a well-established superior range of European wood floors. Bordeaux pattern is a traditional type of parquet flooring. Bordeaux boards are thick and arranged in a complex pattern. The Bordeaux pattern looks unique; it enhances the appearance of the flooring. Bordeaux patterns have different shades of colour and textures. If you want to see the working of the wooden flooring then you should visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPjGa6mqjUo

6. Basketweave

The basketweave pattern is a structure of a basket that exists in many creative looks. Basketweave design is an attractive pattern for rooms or living areas. The style of basketweave is unique, typically made with a single shade light-coloured. 

It consists of multiple horizontal and vertical edges. You will most often find basket weave patterns in schools, village halls, and public buildings.

Basketweave is a popular pattern that comes in different varieties, textures and styles. People like it very much because of its traditional look.

7. Chantilly

Chantilly is a classic parquet flooring pattern. These patterns are cut in a rectangular shape. Chantilly comes with different unique looks with their textures and new styles; these patterns are mostly installed in corridors.


There are many different types of parquet flooring patterns. We discuss only seven of them which are chevron parquet flooring, herringbone parquet flooring patterns, mosaic, parquet de Versailles, Bordeaux, basketweave, and chantilly.  We also tell you the different textures, styles, looks, and shapes of these patterns and discuss how you can install these patterns. After reading this article you will understand different patterns for installing the wooden flooring. 

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