How do you make money in China – Let’s find it out! 

how do you make money in China?

How do you make money in china? This might be a fundamental question for you if you’re planning to move to china. China has a vast market, so there is an increasing number of attractive occupations available for foreigners, intriguing work experience, handsome incomes, and fantastic living conditions since China is quickly becoming a leading developed nation and probably the biggest economy in the world. The first step to developing your brand, product, or service in China is understanding how to join the Chinese market. 

How do you make money in china? – 10 ways to make money in china? 

Trading of Goods from china 

Trade may have prevented China from achieving the massive worldwide expansion we see now. What good is it that China can manufacture virtually any item imaginable at such low costs. If these goods don’t travel outside the country?

Since the beginning of China’s lengthy history, when the Silk Road was used as a trade route, commerce has been the primary means of connecting China with the rest of the world. The New Silk Road is now promising new commercial prospects. Buying Chinese produce to load onto containers and send back home. Where it is sold at large margins, has become a very profitable method for traders worldwide today.

Teaching in china 

If you asked any foreigner how do you make money in china? They are most likely to introduce themselves as teachers because thousands of foreigners continue to move to China each year, and teaching has become the most common profession for many. Despite becoming more contentious in recent years . The field continues to be the top choice for careers. Also, one of China’s most significant cultural values is education. Which is demonstrated by the rigorous education that children get from a young age. Thus, there is a huge need for foreign educators, who are needed in various settings, including kindergartens, universities, and specialized training facilities.

Freelance writers 

Any foreigner living in or passing through China transforms into a valuable source of knowledge. Since they have the opportunity to see a new way of life and culture from the outside and report it to the rest of the world. Because of this, there is a constant demand for fresh perspectives and original ideas in the writing, editing, and content development industries. Moreover, the need for English content in news, media, and general content-based marketing is enormous. Particularly as China becomes more modernized than ever. Careers in this category can be found in areas including travel, living, reporting on recent events or news, and reporting on specific industries.

Tech/ IT 

How do you make money in china? As the IT industry is undoubtedly the one with the quickest growth rate, this is especially true in China, where technology is rapidly integrating into daily life. So the best way to make money in China is to become an IT expert. Moreover, China is a highly tech-savvy country where you can do all your chores with a smartphone. Including paying, shopping, ordering food, and purchasing train and plane tickets. In light of this, the fiercely competitive and demanding IT sector is constantly on the lookout for new talent, particularly from outside, as these employees may aid in integrating Chinese technological advancements with those of the rest of the globe and facilitating a global presence.

Marketing jobs 

You can easily make money in China if you have good marketing skills. This is lovely news for foreign job searchers in China because no industry in the world can thrive without effective marketing initiatives. There is a constant need for international personnel with experience in marketing-related sectors, including brand strategy, Design, and advertising. Due to the abundance of new startups and established enterprises in China.

Due to China’s relative youth in these disciplines compared to the West. Foreign professionals are in high demand and required to assist in breaking into domestic markets and marketing internationally.

How do I apply for a work visa?

Before the question arises in your mind about how do you make money in china? It’s essential to know how to get a Chinese work visa to work in china. The work visa will need to be discussed with your employer when you are recruited once you have found a full-time position in China. This procedure can be more difficult because of Covid-19 travel limitations. If you are confused about a work visa to enter China, check with the Chinese consulate in your nation, the hiring manager, or the recruiter.

Types of visas for china: 


The best visas for full-time employment with a Chinese company are Z-visas, granted to foreigners traveling to China to accept a paid job offer or perform for a commercial entertainment company.


Also, Foreign nationals invited to China for a visit, research, lecture, business, exchanges in the sciences, technologies, or the arts, or advanced study are granted F-visas for no longer than six months.


L-visas (tourists) should not be used for work or internships because they are only for travel.


For internships, X-visas (Student), particularly long-term ones, are the best option.


For internships in specific high-tech areas, S visas are required.


Those traveling to China for business or trade are awarded an M visa.

How do you make money in china? : Important points to know!

  • As more foreign businesses expand by hiring staff in China, they must continue to pay competitive wages to attract workers with various employment possibilities. As a result, Chinese employees now have more purchasing power thanks to rising earnings and benefits.
  • In China, urban development has exploded during the past ten years. Chinese people have flocked to cities and metropolitan areas in droves as domestic and international employment has expanded to access job possibilities, necessitating large expenditures in metropoles.
  • Even if foreign companies and personnel give them, increased technology breakthroughs are often welcomed in innovative cultures. After all, bringing in innovators and breakers of mold helps China. Since it provides the nation with more access to global trends.


How do you make money in china? The expanding economy may be a realistic chance for more revenues and enhanced personal skill sets for those looking to expand into China or those already operating there. A great opportunity if you want to make money in China and grow your career there. However, businesses can test the waters and add staff through a global employment partner like an employer of record before completely committing to the nation through entity establishment and the associated costs and operational challenges.

Moreover, a Chinese employer of record can assist you with hiring local staff promptly and complying with all applicable employment and payroll laws. They can also connect you with local HR teams for support.

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