Is There A Difference Between Student Visa And Employee Visa?

If you explore some of the biggest universities or groups of schools in your state, you will realize that international students have their studies from the facilities. Similarly, you may realize that some of these bigger organizations have people from various nations working there. For instance, the medical field in your nation is not full of citizens of your nation only. You may find a few practitioners offering their services within the facility even though they are not citizens of your nation. This aspect does not mean they are less qualified; it is only that people like embracing diversity and schooling or working in a foreign nation is one aspect that people have been embracing to a greater extent.

As you scroll down the article, you need to understand that you cannot travel to a foreign nation to work or study there without a Visa. Additionally, you need to understand that there is a huge difference between a student Visa and an Employee Visa, more so in terms of the requirements. Therefore, this article will be concerned with exploring all the aspects related to student`s visa VS employee`s visa.

Student Visa

A student Visa is more of a document that helps scholars travel to the far nation to study or advance their education. The aspect means that if you have been considering advancing your education in a far nation, you will need this document before traveling. Additionally, there are several requirements that you have to provide before having this document ready for you to travel to any nation. First, you will need an institution certificate from the university or college where you plan to study.


The document must be approved by SEVP immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is critical as it helps avoid fraud or forgery from any side. It would be best if you were also enrolled as a full-time student with all specified sessions. The other aspect you need to be certified for a Visa is fluency in the language of the dream nation. However, there are cases where you might be allowed to travel, and before you start your studies, you will be subjected to language sessions where you will be trained to speak the language used in teaching students on your dream campus. Other aspects considered before issuing a student visa include a valid passport and sufficient funding that will help you maneuver as you take your studies.

Employee Visa

This document is issued to people who want to travel to a far nation specifically to offer their services or work there. Here, you will need an appointment letter from the institution you will be working with and all your academic qualifications. You may also need a valid passport to help you travel to a foreign nation and apply for its citizenship. However, there are cases where people are allowed to work under their governments without necessarily changing their citizenship. But this happens in rare cases, especially when working under short-term contracts.

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