How do you maintain Composite Decking?

How do you maintain Composite Decking?

To ensure that your composite decking always looks good, it is important that you always clean it well with the right products to ensure that it always looks good and lasts as long as possible. only buying it from a good supplier like Brite Decking Australia, would not mean it would go on good, maintenance is also very important. 

How to clean dirt and debris – 

You should always use water and spray off as much of the debris as you can. Once you do this, then you can proceed to use some soapy water and a soft brush to remove more of the dirt that might be stuck in the pattern. If you can do this regularly, then it would make your composite deck look much better. 

Use a pressure washer – 

You can also use a pressure washer. Ensure that the pressure is not more than 3100 psi. Look for one that has a soap dispenser and a fan adjustment. After this, use a soft brush to clean the area more thoroughly. Make sure that the fan is at least 8 inches away from the surface of the deck. Do not leave any dirty water on the floor. Ensure that you rinse well and remove all the dirty water because if you do not do this, then there will be a thin film that will coat everything, and this will make it look very bad. After your rub the surface and rinse it off, your deck area will look fresh and almost new. Check it here how much does it cost to rent a pressure washer to your home?

Problems related to cement, concrete, mortar, and stucco dust – 

If there is any work that has the use of these articles, then make sure that they are all away from the area because these could spoil the decking surface. If any of these particles reach the area and they get hot or wet, then there would be a reaction with the decking surface, and this can become very hard to remove and get rid of, so it is best if you try and avoid getting these items near the deck because once it reacts with the deck, you will have trouble removing it. If concrete still manages to react on your deck, then you can use something like a concrete dissolver. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but if you do, your deck will look as good as new very soon.

Hard water staining – 

When you are cleaning the surface of your deck, then that might also lead to problems. When you use hard water, this can be a big issue. Hard water has a lot of mineral deposits like calcium, silica, and lime. These deposits add up over time, and they can leave spots, especially if the water is left there to dry. When you see things like this happen, then you can use white vinegar to clean the deck area and rinse it well. Try to avoid hard water completely. If you do end up using hard water, then blow dry the surface of the deck very well and wipe it with a cloth to prevent any water from being left behind.


All these problems can be solved very easily if you follow the tips mentioned for each problem. Generally, the composite decks last very long, but it would still be useful if you take good care of them because if you do, they will last you much longer.

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