How Often to Change the Oil Filter?

how often change oil filter

The oil replacement is an essential maintenance routine that most drivers know. They don’t know that to maintain the effectiveness of oil change, replacing the oil filter is also necessary. All the vehicles except electrical ones come with an oil filter. 

But, there is always a concern, how often to change the oil filter? While there is a general rule of thumb, the engine oil should be changed every 5000 miles. Several factors include vehicle usage, age, and manufacturer recommendation after the oil change duration. 

What does an Oil filter do?

The oil filter for 5.7 Hemi removes contaminants from the engine’s lubricating oil. It is a replaceable component in the engine. If the dirt or other particles would enter the machine, it travels freely, leading to the engine clogging. Also, the engine will require to work harder, which gradually leads to premature wearing off. Oil filters scan for such small contaminants and remove them and maintain the oil flow in a filter.

Why should I change my oil filter?

Oil filters remove dirt particles and other impurities from the engine’s oil. In this process, these filters are also clogged with dirt and debris. Over time, they lose their efficacy of refraining the dust particles to the engine. Changing oil filter at regular intervals helps prevent these issues. Because once the filter is saturated, the engine becomes protected due to the inefficiency of filters to catch the debris. 

Oil filters are designed to last longer than the engine’s life span. The recommended interval depends on the type of engine and its performance. For example, cars with higher RPM engines need oil changes more frequently. As per the manufacturers’ recommendations, you need to change your oil filter once every 5,000-7,500 miles depending upon the type of vehicle.

Frequent the oil change, higher shall be the frequency of the oil filter change. When you change the oil without changing the oil filter, it passes through the old oil filter and takes along the dust particles. Hence the efficacy of oil change is also reduced if you do not change the clogged oil filter.

How long can I use the old oil filter?

According to, it is advisable to discard the old oil filter if it has been used beyond the period mentioned by the manufacturer. It is because the oil filter may get damaged during oil usage. So, it is better to change it before using it again. Also, it is recommended to change the oil filter with an oil change if it is close to saturation. 

How do you know that the oil filter needs replacement?

The visual inspection of an oil filter is arduous. It is a permanently sealed metal unit that has been delicately settled inside the oil tank. There is no warning light, gauging instrument, or any gadget that helps you identify that your vehicle needs a change with an oil filter. Assessing the impact of the dirty oil filter is also highly difficult to determine. 

However, you can take a note of any of the following symptoms that suggest you might require to change the dirty oil filter:

  • Loss of oil pressure
  • Lack of engine lubrication
  • Internal engine damages
  • Premature wear and tear of your engine

In most cases, drivers do not realize these issues unless it is too late or the engine starts working completely. It is highly recommended to check the engine periodically to notice any such signs before too late. 

To operate efficiently, an engine requires a continuous flow of clean oil. The clogged oil filter leads the oil flow from the bypass valve. The oil will not be filtered when passing through this bypass valve. It will take in all the dirt and debris inside the engine. 

Consider your driving conditions.

Your vehicle’s driving habits and conditions also determine the frequency of oil filter replacement. If you drive under harsh weather conditions, replacing your oil filter will be frequent. The vehicle engine works harder on rough roads and extreme weather conditions. Here are some situations where you would require the frequent oil change and the oil filter change as well:

  • Heavy Towing for long distances 
  • Driving frequently over the rugged terrain and dusty roads
  • Frequent small trips (less than 10 miles)
  • Stop and go driving under bad weather.

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Changing the oil filter regularly is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your engine. If you fail to replace the oil filter after a certain amount of mileage, it will severely damage your engine. It is essential to change your oil filter as soon as possible. However, don’t forget to change the oil filter at regular intervals.

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