See how to unite comfort and style to the home office

If you want to unite comfort and style to the home ofiice, for that you should learn few things that includes the best clothing and ways to carry it comfortably. It is not news to anyone that the pandemic of the new coronavirus has transformed people’s lives in many ways. One of them, without a doubt, refers to the way we understand and relate to workplaces, such as the home office.

Many people have had their routines profoundly changed in this regard. Many have had to learn to work remotely from their homes; in individual activities or various online meetings, often by videoconference.

This profound and significant change has brought to the surface the need for learning related to the use of new technologies, or simply, how to face this reality. In this context, a question arises for debate: after all, what to wear in the home office?

Style to work at home

Although “being at home” reminds us of “comfort”, we call attention to some points to be reflected upon.

Even if it’s a workday without meetings or camera meetings, dressing appropriately causes a more willing and active posture in your unconscious, which can affect your performance throughout the day.

The simple act of “changing clothes” in the morning and getting dressed for work puts the brain into a new mode, even though we remain in the same environment. So far, so good. But what are the most comfortable clothes for working in a home office?

With a little bit of wit and a touch of fashion, it is possible to stay comfortable and be well dressed for work at home at the same time.

Women’s clothing for the home office

See now some suggestions of home office clothes for women to work comfortable and stylishly:


Loose dresses are a great option. Besides being practical, they don’t require a composition with other pieces and are super cool in the summer. Besides that, the piece gives a more “tidy” look to your look.

But beware: avoid dresses that are too tight or too low-cut. Besides being uncomfortable for the work routine, it may appear “something unwanted” during a meeting with cameras, damaging your professional image.


Mesh pieces can be interesting, they are very comfortable and give a casual look to your look. The trick here is to avoid very informal patterns, such as T-shirts or flashy prints. Neutral tones are always welcome.


Abuse of accessories. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you won’t wear the accessories you’re used to, like a watch, a ring, or bracelets, for example. Just be careful how much you wear, to avoid exaggeration, or opt for something that won’t bother you throughout the day. Focus on comfortable options.


Shirts are classic and elegant pieces. Especially for situations such as video calls or online meetings. They are great options because the top garments are the biggest focus on the cameras. Plus they are comfortable and timeless.


Although it is tempting to wear that old-fashioned flip-flop, it is worth putting a little more effort into complementing the look. Flip flops and platforms are strong trends for this season. In addition, they are very comfortable, since they do not require tying or squeezing the feet.

Men’s clothes for the home office

The home office has brought to men the challenge of being more at home in the pandemic. Still, the concern with “what to wear” remains. Used to being totally relaxed at home, they had to adapt to the new routine, to avoid the famous samba-canção and “stay-at-home” t-shirts during the home office.

Polo shirt

Wearing a comfortable T-shirt when you are at home is really tempting. But how about giving your look a makeover with a little change? Polo shirts convey more professionalism and easily solve the male question of “what to wear at home office”.

Checkered shirt

This male closet classic could not be left out of the list: plaid shirts. Since this is a more informal environment, the tip is to opt for more casual models, with cotton or flannel fabrics.


Chino pants cannot be missing in the home office closet. They are practical, comfortable, and very easy to combine. Pay attention to the tones: prefer the neutral ones, so that the compositions of the look are easier to be made.


When the subject is sapatos casuais masculinos, comfort is fundamental. Driver loafers and untied sneakers are very welcome alternatives.

If you are a fan of sneakers, opt for sporty models – knit versions are a great choice. And finally, for hot days, sports slippers can complement the look.

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