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Nowadays, advanced healthcare devices emerges to bring convenience and better solutions for healthcare and management. Urovo prepares high-level healthcare terminals for medical use. How does Urovo combine healthcare terminals with IoT to provide intelligent medical solutions?

Urovo Medical, the core brand of the Urovo in digitization medical field, focuses on offering, developing and applying digitization solutions for medicine production enterprises, hospitals, pharmacies, and centers for disease control and medicare, etc. Having participated in more than ten projects with renowned medical institutes, such as Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Urovo furnishes versatile medical solutions to satisfy various needs for the medical industry.

(一)Urovo’s UDI System

People recognize UDI (Unique Device Identification) system as an effective approach to realize supply chain management for tracing and product verification. Our UDI healthcare devices can reach both purposes. Furthermore, it can realize data collection and analysis for the whole life cycle. Urovo Medical endeavors to improve the medical staff’s working efficiency and advance healthcare devices’ safety through methods of “one item, one code” and “know instantly by scanning” based on the UDI system.

  1. Urovo Healthcare Device Based on UDI System Plays an Important Role in Medical Circulation

Urovo hand-held IoT healthcare devices play a significant role in medical circulation. People usually apply them to warehouse and staff management. Recording the necessary processes when the healthcare machines are transported, stored or removed from the warehouse and transferred is what the Urovo medical terminals will do. That enables information visualization and duties traceable. On top of that, cash on delivery is available through Urovo hand-held medical terminal. The scheduling would become easier with functions of tasks distribution and feedback collection.

  1. Urovo Healthcare Device Based on UDI System to Apply in Hospital

The application of Urovo healthcare devices in hospitals can be mainly divided into two parts. First, the storage and removal of medical consumables in the warehouse. To ensures visible information, Urovo healthcare terminals manage medical precious consumables through code scanning or RFID identification technology. Second, the management of circulation. The status of medical equipment can be modified. As the management of the SPD warehouse should be strictly controlled, the operation document and medical equipment ought to be accurately verified to make sure correct operation process and the patients’ safety.

  • Drug/Vaccine Traceability System
  1. Urovo IoT Healthcare Devices Applied in the Drug/Vaccine Production Base

Keeping the whole process traceable and the main responsibility for drug safety clear became the new rules published by Pharmaceutical Administration Law. Urovo hand-held medical terminal, equipped with code scanning and RFID auto-identification technology, crystalizes the drug circulation information.

Urovo medical drugs traceability system keeps the whole lifecycle of drug traceable, from the production and circulation to sales. Therefore the safety of the medicine distribution and usage specification is guaranteed under full supervision. Comprehensive digital intelligent solutions provided by Urovo, who contributes its share by offering high-end smart medical healthcare devices, have great effects on medical data collection and management. If you long for such outstanding healthcare devices that have a full traceability system to keep the lifecycle of drugs safe, you definitely cannot miss the Urovo DT50H and i6310H.

In this critical time when the COVID-19 goes viral easily, we’d better keep everything under control. Vaccine safety cannot be ignored. Hence, Urovo DT50 H, a healthcare terminal, can trace the vaccine’s information, providing fundamental trust for people to supervise the vaccine.

At this age, Urovo offers medical vaccine traceability solutions for people. Information such as birthplace, vaccine lot number, and circulation channels can be collected via the Urovo healthcare devices. All the information reported to people is conducive to regulate the vaccine circulations and benefits vaccine management and clear segregation of duties.

Through the Urovo printer and automatic labeling machine, each unique label, be it traceability code or RFID tag, is attached to the drug to realize information traceable. That allows identifying and collecting information more efficiently. As a result, the work efficiency will achieve to a new level.

  1. Drug Supply Chain Circulation

Urovo healthcare devices also work in drug supply chain circulation. The necessary message of the drug will be recorded, offering resources to trace the drug. By virtue of the excellent characteristic of cold-resistant, Urovo PDA functions normally minus 40℃ without damaging the device, perfect for cold chain logistics.

  1. Application in Drugstore, Hospital and Vaccination Unit

Constructive in taking delivery of goods, taking stock, collecting and reporting vaccination information, Urovo healthcare PDA acts as a helpful logistic man in the crucial time and promotes the work efficiency to a higher level.

  • Mobile Care Solutions

Confronting the demanding need of medical staff, Urovo offers healthcare devices that demonstrate superior advantages in reducing the workload for medical employees. The device helps monitor the patients’ health situation and store the drug taken situation by connecting with the internet. So nurses will save a lot of trouble remembering the drug-taking status of the patients.

How to care for the patients attentively with Urovo DT50H 5G?

Patients will be given a tag that can automatically identify information when they move into the hospital. Therefore doctors and nurses get to know each patient’s situation by scanning the code with Urovo PDA. When the doctors and nurses make the rounds of the wards, they scan the code to confirm the identity of the patients and ask the patients gently to take medicines according to the indications shown on the healthcare device. In this way, the safety of patients will be assured. Meanwhile, real-time temperature, physical signs and voice electronic medical records would be collected and reported instantly, efficiently and precisely.

Besides, patients can call the doctors and nurses through the system on their beds. Medical staff would receive the calls through the Urovo hand-held medical device. And then, doctors and nurses deal with the situations flexibly when they get the calls. Personnel dispatch is also within the manager’s control through indoor localization.

Door-to-door delivery could be achieved through the IoT healthcare device Urovo DT50H. So patients’ temperature and signs can be collected at home. At the same time, medical staff will also assist the patients in taking medicines according to the instruction on the device.

Urovo’s hand-held mobile terminals are capable of receiving tasks and real-time information feedback, one-to-many voice and video intercom and GPS localization management. These functions are advantageous for the headquarters to know the information about frontline staff and conduct instructions according to the situations.

() Medical Waste Management

Handling medical waste properly by strictly verifying the information is considered a non-negligible part of protecting the safety of the people and the environment. Urovo Medical provides medical waste management solutions based on RFID technology. Ensuring the medical waste flow transparent by RFID scanning and reading technology to collect, record and transfer related data realizes the digitization of medical waste recycle and the data collection.

二、Healthcare Products of Urovo

DT50H Medical Mobile Healthcare Terminal for Better Healthcare

Guarding Patients’ Health in an Attentive Way

The versatile DT50H, your personal health monitoring device, accurately and easily captures people’s temperature in real-time and includes innovative features that further promote management efficiency and the patient experience to a new level.

Industrial Uses

Healthcare, Market


Pharmacy management

Medication administration

Personnel information control

Record and export information of people

Urovo i6310H Medical Mobile Terminal for Better Medical Management

Slim and compact design enables the medical staff to travel between wards and nurse stations easily

For medical staff, the slim device is comfortable to handle and carry. Medical workers get first-time, every time capture of the many types of barcodes found in the lab, including small, high density, curved and color-coded based on the international professional scanning engine.

Industrial Uses



Code scanning

Data acquirement and management

DT50H 5G Medical Mobile Healthcare Terminal–Best Mobile Care Solutions

Fast in Response, Mobile Care Offers Ultimate Convenience and Efficiency

DT50H 5G, an intelligent mobile medical care solutions provider, closely monitors the patients’ situations. Mobile calls are available for instant handling. Feasible door-to-door delivery reduces the troubles for people who are inconvenient to go to the hospital.

Industrial Uses

Healthcare, Market


Pharmacy management

Medication administration

Personnel information control

Temperature and physical signs collection

People commonly apply Urovo medical mobile healthcare terminal DT50H, an IoT healthcare device, to supervise patients’ health. Instant response supported, the device saves labors to a large extend. Urovo IoT healthcare devices manage the data with the internet, extremely enhancing work efficiency and data collection.


Breakthrough health innovations. Mobile healthcare digitization solutions provided by the healthcare devices make great differences in the modern medical industry. It is constructive in  collecting patient information and vital signs, monitoring patients to follow doctor’s instructions, responding to patient’s calling, and building an efficient, accurate, safe digitization medical system.What Urovo healthcare devices can offer is more than the above that we’ve mentioned. If you need further information, you can explore the products for more. Besides, cooperating with major programs allows us to borrow the previous experience to offer more professional digitization IoT intelligent solutions based on digitization medical systems for customers.

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