History of Hockey in America: From Ice to Women’s Ice Hockey.

History of Hockey in America: From Ice Cream to Women's Ice Hockey.

The history of hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada and the United States. It is a fast-paced, physical game that consists of two teams of six players on ice skates with sticks used to pass and shoot a hard rubber puck into their opponent’s net. 

There are many different variants of the sport, including ice hockey, field hockey, bandy, and roller hockey. It has play for hundreds of years all around the world as well as in North America. In this article, we will take a look at how the Cric Gator came to be in America through various historical periods.

History of hockey in North America

The origin of hockey is dispute, but it is thought to have arisen in England. It was first play on the ice at Montreal’s Victoria Skating Rink in 1875. By the 1880s, North American universities had pick up the game. More teams were formed and leagues were created for both collegiate and professional players.

Hockey grew rapid over the years with many different variations of the game. Today, field hockey is relatively popular in some countries like India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Argentina; while bandy is popular in many European countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. By 1907-08 there were more than 500 amateur teams playing hockey around the world.

Canada was considered to be the birthplace of hockey because it invented modern ice hockey. Canadians are very proud of their country’s contribution to the sport because it uses many skills that Canadians are good at such as skating and shooting – skills that they can use during their winters to stay active outside when there is no snow on the ground!

The early history of ice hockey

Ice hockey is widely believe to have originated in Canada. The first record game of ice hockey was play on March 3rd, 1875, in Kingston, Ontario at Queen’s University. This game consists of nine players per side.

This version of the sport was play with a puck and a flat stick that resembled today’s field hockey sticks. The modern sticks that we know today were develop when the benefits of curve blades became apparent and began to use in place of flat blades.

Development of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the oldest and the most prestigious sports trophy in North America. It is give to the champion of the NHL and was first introduce to Lord Stanley,

Governor General of Canada and a hockey enthusiast, in 1892.

Lord Stanley’s intention was to encourage Canadians to take up this Cricgator. The original design for the Stanley Cup was only available to amateur teams

but it eventually became available to all professionals in 1909-10.

In 1914, professional players were no longer allow to compete for the Stanley Cup. This rule changes in 1927 when they are welcome back onto the ice with open arms. Since then it has been a tradition for each team that wins the cup to have their name engraved on it with a year designation at its base.

Today’s winning team gets their name engrave on just one side of the cup while previous winners can see on both sides of this iconic trophy. One side of Lord Stanley’s trophy reads “Stanley” while the other side reads “1892”.

Women’s Ice Hockey

Ice hockey was play in North America for centuries, and it wasn’t until the late 1990s that women’s ice hockey became an official Olympic sport. Women’s ice hockey has around since the 19th century in North America when it was played by college-aged students at private boarding schools

The first women’s ice skate club in North America was create in 1896 when Lotta Hedin organized a team of female players in Montreal. In 1922, Gertrude Ross co-founded the first United States Women’s National Hockey Team and established a training program in Boston. 

The United States Women’s National Hockey Team won the silver medal at the 1936 Olympics and the gold medal at the 1948 Olympics before not having another team until 1960. The United States Women’s National Hockey Team didn’t reemerge again until 1998 when their first game against Canada had more than 18,000 fans attend to watch them play!


Hockey is a sport that has play in North America for centuries and has a rich and interest history. From its origins in Canada and the United States to more recent developments like the invention of the Stanley Cup and Women’s Ice Hockey, this article is a brief overview of how hockey evolved into one of the most popular sports in North America.

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