12 Strange But interesting Health Tips

The mere notion of health tips makes people think of the usual suggestions, such as drinking hot water, avoiding junk food, getting enough sleep, and so on. However, they are the traditional ones and are outdated. No, we are not suggesting they any longer work; they do! But let’s look at some interesting health tips; that could appear absurd to you or even paradoxical. They may be interesting health tips, but it’s quite helpful! The following health tips may seem a bit confusing, but they are indeed effective:

So let’s examine these 12 strange yet effective health tips:

  1. Improve your napping. Only sip coffee!

The Japanese claim to have undertaken a study where participants took “coffee naps,” or 20-minute power naps, after eating 200 mg of coffee. These participants performed well on their exams and felt more awake. However, isn’t the purpose of drinking coffee to keep you alert? Adenosine, a chemical in the brain that stimulates alertness, is cleared when one drinks coffee because of the action of the caffeine. Therefore, when adenosine levels rise, so does one’s degree of fatigue. Thus, sleeping at this time aids in flushing out the adenosine, and drinking coffee further lessens the molecule’s impact. It leads to more restful slumber!

2. Do not immediately clean your teeth after eating

Contrary to popular belief, it would help if you didn’t wash your teeth immediately after eating or drinking. It is valid if you’ve recently consumed acidic meals like citrus fruits, soda, tomatoes, and health drinks. As a result, brushing may cause the tooth enamel to chip off. Additionally, it could degrade the layer underneath it. It is preferable to wait at least 30 minutes before cleaning your teeth.

3. Want to go down a size? Gain weight! look at this Health tip

Befuddled? Well, adding weight to fit into a smaller size just entails adding muscular mass. Because a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat but occupies less space, it seems that this is conceivable. Therefore, even if your weight may be the same, your clothing size may be smaller if you have more muscles.

4. To eat less, eat more.

Do you think having a little serving of chips, pretzels, or cake won’t impact your diet or cause you to gain weight? However, the modest quantities of carbohydrates in these sweet and salty snacks make you more hungry, leading you to consume more. A protein-rich snack or supper, such as paneer chat or lentil soup, is thus important. These may have more calories, but the quality of the calories becomes less important since the protein and fat make you feel fuller and satisfies hunger more quickly.

5. Tired? Avoid consuming energy beverages.

There are innumerable reasons why we reach out to grab an energy drink. We are unaware that energy drinks contain at least five times as much caffeine as coffee. They just offer us little bursts of energy that quickly wear off. However, certain negative effects include agitation, palpitations, faster heartbeats, and anxiousness. A stimulant for the central nervous system called taurine and 50 grams of sugar per can or bottle is also present in extremely high concentrations in these beverages. Your blood sugar levels will be spiked by the sweet juice or aerated beverage, giving you a brief energy boost before they quickly drop, leaving you exhausted and dizzy.

6. You feel bloated. Ingest water.

Have you raised an eyebrow? Bloating and water go together, don’t they? No, not always. If you consume more fiber, you will need to drink more water as it is one of the most essential health tips, for your body to function more effectively. Water dissolves water-soluble fiber, turning it into a gel-like material. It may have an impact on stomach motility and lessen bloating. Bloating may also result from dehydration because when there is not enough water in the body, the water retains the fluids and causes one to feel bloated.

7. Avoid soda is another strange health tip

Completely avoid soda if one wants to reduce weight. It ought to be excluded from all diets. According to a new study from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, obese persons who drink aerated drinks often eat more calories. Also, people often assume that foods with low sugar, no sugar, or low fat have fewer calories, but this is untrue. When sugars are reduced in processed foods, a substitute is introduced.

8. Are you hot? Take tea.

Why do our parents choose hot chai over cold coffee, even on a sunny day? The reason is that it aids in cooling down because when one drinks hot chai or coffee, the body detects a temperature difference and causes one to perspire. The body cools down when the sweat dries up.

9. Weary? Exercise! It is an essential Health Tips

Do you think we’ve lost our minds? The greatest time to exercise is after a hard day when you feel worn out and drained. It is because working up a sweat can provide you with energy. Additionally, it aids in preventing weariness and depression. Read more about the advantages of exercise for health.

10. Do you want to sharpen your mind? Keep a journal.

People often take notes during meetings or seminars, which means they handwrite in their diaries. It aids in improving memory. Additionally, it indicates that the learning process has started once the information has been absorbed.

11. Avoid using antimicrobial soaps. keep it in your health tips

It contradicts everything we’ve ever learned about hygiene and cleanliness. Even if individuals wash their hands with antibacterial soaps, this doesn’t always lessen the likelihood that germs may impact us or cause sickness. In actuality, this assertion is unsupported by adequate evidence. Additionally, some antibacterial soaps could include triclosan, which over time, can disrupt hormones.

12. Avoid soda, especially diet soda, if you want to reduce weight.

Avoiding any drinks, even diet sodas, are always a smart idea. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers discovered that diet soda drinkers were more likely to be obese and overweight adults than soda drinkers to ingest more calories from meals. Another research from the University of Texas discovered that over ten years, those who consume diet Coke accumulated around 70% more weight than people who don’t.

According to Goodson, many consumers mistakenly assume that a product’s “low-fat,” “low-sugar,” or “light” label indicates that it has fewer calories. When a company removes one ingredient, they usually replace it with something else, like more sugar, and the final product is still delicious.


We must lead healthy lives to strengthen our immune systems and prevent sickness. Maintaining a strong immune system to safeguard your body is meant here. We previously discussed 12 unique health suggestions for maintaining body immunity. Nutrition is first. We need to maintain a balanced diet and consume a range of foods.


What basic health tips is available to everyone?

1. Check your weight and measure it.

2. Eat wholesome meals and limit unhealthy foods.

3. Take supplements with many vitamins.

4. Limit sugary beverages, drink water to stay hydrated, and stay active.

5. Engage in Regular Physical Activity.

6. Cut down on the screen and sitting time.

7. Obtain Enough Quality Sleep.

By Zubia Qamar Ali

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