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Roman blinds are conventional window coverings that people have been using for a very long time. The truth is that modern roman blinds are not the same as the original window treatment. They are light years ahead thanks to advancements in material, stitching methods, and design. The design pros at Country blinds outline the most popular options in this blog, from light filtering to room darkening. It also includes styles, features like motorization and automation, and significant designs.

When you pull the drawstring on the roman shade, a soft window treatment, the fabric gently folds up. Roman blinds are unique in that they can fold as someone folds them, giving your decor a stylish softness while being made of many materials and styles.


Roman blinds come in a variety of distinctive styles however; we can categorize them into one of these four categories:

Gentle / Hobble Fold:

The soft fabric folds that cascade from top to bottom, resembling a waterfall or a soft ruffle, define this traditional style of roman blinds. An excellent option if you want your window coverings to be heavier and bulkier.

Lay Flat:

Lay Flat Roman shades are perfect for displaying stripes and other bold patterns without interruption. It is because they are created from one large piece of fabric and have no horizontal seams across the fabric’s face. The shades require less room when fully raised because there are no seams.

Batten front:

Roman shades with batten front referred to as tunnels, have fabric tubes with a strip of solid material sewn onto the outside of the shade at regular intervals. The design works well with stripes and other patterns because the battens won’t get in the way.

Batten Back:

These Roman blinds have battens that are reversed into the side that is facing the window (or door). When we lower these shades, they have a delicate, elegant appearance, and when we raise them, they have those clearly defined folds.


The cloth panel, cord, and ring system make up the three components of traditional roman blinds. The materials used to create the panel of Roman blinds are crucial components. Grasscloth, basic polyester, woven woods, cotton blends, and silk are among the materials you can select from. Due to the nature of the material, the treatment may have some slight wrinkling following installation; however, this will smooth out over a few days.


The treatments mounted inside the window frame, or “inside mount,” as the name implies, are typically more popular, particularly if you want to highlight your window casing. The shade is mounted outside the window frame when using the outside mount. Having many layers of shade, such as a roller shade inside the window frame, or not having enough room to install an inside mount shade. Our customers choose that choice for several reasons, including the Roman mount on the exterior.


The price can vary greatly depending on the many fabric options. The construction of roman blinds also substantially affects their pricing. You only have a simple pull chord concealed behind a piece of fabric and a pull system with your Roman blinds. Small self-lined fabric strips are used in an affordable version along with snap-on battens to create the desired effect. A handmade Roman blind is a more classic and pricey design. Using fabric and hand-stitched outer and inner linings results in a lifting mechanism and batten system that are substantially more resilient.

Liners for Privacy & Light Control

Roman blinds also have a variety of liners to choose from, offering you flexibility in light filtering. Without liners, the light will readily pass through the fabric, making it transparent and providing you with the choice of soft window treatment. You have privacy and can let in some light thanks to the self-liner. Let’s say you’re seeking a way to darken a room. If so, we can attach blackout liners, which prevent light from penetrating the fabric itself but allow light to pass through on either side. It makes roman blinds a great choice for people searching for elegant room-darkening alternatives.

Optional controls

The abundance of control options is the last positive aspect of Roman shades. As we just discussed, we have options for home automation and motorized lift upgrades at Country blinds. The capability provides you with a cutting-edge remote control that enables controlling numerous motorized shades at once. Perfect for windows that are difficult to reach or for child safety.

Additionally, Country blinds offer cordless features that let you easily raise and lower the shades by simply pushing or pulling them up or down with your hand. We offer our manual system if you’re looking for something straightforward. As you raise the shade with a manual system, the rope grows longer. The most common method of controlling shadows is roman blinds.

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