Etsy Shop Ideas: Best Shop Ideas to Start your Etsy Business

etsy shop ideas

There are several Etsy shop ideas to set up a business, some more challenging than others. When considering beginning your eCommerce business concept, you must first decide the best place to sell your items. Etsy is that location for many aspiring businesses.

Etsy started as a marketplace for makers, artists, and other creatives to sell their items. Brands of all types are beginning on the market, expanding to other Etsy alternatives, and eventually launching their website.

What are Etsy Shop Ideas best for businesses?

You might get surprised by what sells well on Etsy. Etsy shop ideas not only include handcrafted goods, downloadable invitations, hair bows, and personalized jewelry, but also it is possible to generate money with a diy etsy business ideas without being crafty.

Below are some of our favorite top ideas and categories

  • Handmade jewelry and clothing
  • DIY Designs
  • Needlework, stitching, knitting, and crochet
  • Coloring books for adults
  • Printable invitations
  • Homemade postcards

 What does it cost to open an Etsy shop?

You’re probably wondering if earning a livelihood with an Etsy business is feasible and how much it takes to get started; the answer is yes. But that is not simple. If you want to quit your full-time job, I will wager that there are more straightforward solutions.

The costs of running the store will vary depending on what you offer. For example, digital Etsy shop ideas include inexpensive digital downloads. At the same time, craft items need the purchase of ingredients beforehand.

Running an Etsy business, on the other hand, is a terrific side venture. Depending on your offer, it can be pretty passive once established, and the start-up expenditures are far lower than operating a physical store.

Why Should You Sell On Etsy?

Being crafty is not required to run an Etsy business. In fact, over half of the top 100 Etsy sellers are selling craft materials rather than finished goods. These handcrafts are also included in the best Etsy shop ideas that have only grown in the last year as more individuals stay home and pursue creative hobbies.

Keep in mind your medium or skill level while choosing your store type. Setting up an Etsy shop for knit items, for example, may not be ideal if you are not talented or artistic. If you are more accomplished in something, such as photography, or graphic design, you may set up an Etsy business with etsy shop ideas that offer digital copies of your work.

Top sellers on Etsy by category

Let’s look at the most popular best selling items on etsy and see who the top sellers on Etsy are

Paper and Party Supplies
  • hooraydays – Wedding supplies, tableware, balloons, Christmas
  • DesignMyPartyStudio – Printable invitations and party decor
  • PoofThereItIsReveals – Gender reveal party supplies.


  • EverlyGrayce – Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Gifts, Bachelorette Party Shirts
  • Zoeysattic – Original sibling shirts, kids birthday shirts, teacher shirts
  • Ppeppiboutique – Graphic tops, face masks.
Handmade Things
  • PlannerKate1 – planners and organization
  • CaitlynMinimalist – dainty jewelry
  • ModParty – wedding and bridesmaid items
  • ThinkPinkBows – Trendy and stylish bows for babies, toddlers, and girl
  • BeWellGroup – Washable face masks that look good
  • ZenspireDesigns – Stickers
Craft Supplies
  • PlannerKate1 – Planners and organization
  • Beadboat1 – Charms, beads, and jewelry supplies
  • Yakutum – Jewelry
  • CaitlynMinimalist – Dainty jewelry
  • MignonandMigon – Personalized Initial Necklace Gift Bridesmaid Gift
  • GLDNxLayeredAndLong – Name & Initial Necklaces, Personalized Rings & Gifts

Best Etsy Shop Ideas 2022 to Sparkle your Business

Below are 14 Etsy shop ideas currently working well for numerous individuals. Each of these concepts is sold by an existing Etsy business among the top 300 stores on Etsy.

What does this imply? The top 200 stores, on the other hand, all have above 100,000 sales. That’s what I’d call successful, and it’s an excellent indication that the market for the concepts underneath is massive.

Wood Crafts

Woodworking projects are perfect Etsy shop ideas for selling on Etsy since they align with the creating and makers concept. Infinite Abyss creates woodworking projects for sale online, such as serving trays, wall shelves, and other home products. It also has an Etsy site where buyers may explore the same things to augment Shopify sales.

Jewelry and Accessories

If one of your passions is producing jewelry, you should register an Etsy store as soon as possible to start generating money. On Etsy, jewelry is a hugely popular item to buy and sell and is a successful etsy shop ideas. “Etsy jewelry” has an average of 19,000 monthly searches, and Jewelry & Accessories has its marketplace category with over 16 million results.

Starting a jewelry company is the best Etsy shop ideas to begin your selling on Etsy. People like homemade things that are distinct from what is available in stores. Custom necklaces and rings, for example, are ideal Mother’s Day presents.

Art Work

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling art exclusively to makers and producers. As a result, visitors to the Etsy marketplace have grown to anticipate art and other creative items. “Etsy art” receives over 4,000 monthly searches, and “Etsy wall art” receives up to 7,400 monthly searches.

Several options for selling your work online include Etsy and your website. Cool Etsy shop ideas include digital downloads, such as phone wallpapers or desktop background pictures, eliminating the need for shipping and fulfillment. You may also sell tangible things that comprise your artwork. Some artists use print-on-demand to sell various items such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone covers.


Clothing is another popular item to offer on Etsy, with the term “Etsy clothing” around 3,200 search times each month. Drilling down in the search data might provide ideas, much like jewelry. Many individuals design their outfits and hunt for unique materials to utilize on Etsy. I believe you can create unique fabric with characters and other patterns that people would enjoy for their projects.

Baby Things

Families spend a lot of money on handcrafted goods like baby bows for their baby’s hair, swaddle wrap to bring the baby home, or little handmade frames for their first photo. Selling baby bows in an Etsy business is one of the terrific Etsy shop ideas if you’re talented at making them. People enjoy dressing their newborns and toddlers in trendy clothing and giving homemade baby goods as presents.

Clay and Pottery

This expertise is ideal for Etsy shop ideas if you can produce pottery, clay, ceramics, or other related items. Lorena Haldeman created the HaldeCraft brand on Etsy to market her handmade clay items. She eventually launched a companion Shopify store where she could organize her things user-friendly via categories, making it easier for herself and her buyers. You may create a wide range of products.

Curated Fancy Boxes

Curated boxes first appeared on the market with firms such as Birchbox, and they’ve stayed popular ever since. These goods combine things from the same or other sellers into a themed “box” or product bundle.

It’s a terrific method for customers to learn about new businesses and goods, and it’s also a great gift choice. According to our consumer trends study, shoppers were likelier to shop from firms that provided ease.

Curated boxes are convenient for Etsy and other gift providers. You may create packages based on whatever subject your target market shows interest in, such as locally produced products, vegan cuisine, or yoga gear. The options are limitless.

Furniture and Housewares

Selling furniture online is a fantastic Etsy shop ideas that work well in an Etsy shop. Many customers seem to have an interest in the furnishings on the market. Monthly searches for “Etsy furniture” total 4,400. On the other hand, furniture can be large, complex, and practically impossible to ship.

People also use the site to look for home items, as seen by over 4,000 monthly searches for “Etsy home decor” and 4,200 monthly searches for the seasonal keyword “Etsy Christmas decorations.” As a result, home décor and other products for the home are lovely Etsy business ideas, either in place of or in addition to your furniture items.

Skincare Items

Health and beauty is a vital sector, and most company owners are content to operate in it. According to our research, 55% of beauty business owners are happy with the success of their firm compared to a 38 percent average across all industries.

And approximately 80% of health and beauty entrepreneurs are optimistic about the future. Furthermore, because of the epidemic, more individuals are utilizing video chat services, so we are seeing and paying attention to our faces more.

As a result, skin care is becoming increasingly vital. People are cleaning their faces and applying makeup more frequently than usual. As a result, selling skin care goods on Etsy is a realistic option, primarily if you produce them yourself.

Plants and Pots

Selling plants online is a viable Etsy shop ideas, and Etsy is a perfect place to put your plants up for sale. “Etsy plants” is a famous search term, with 5,000 inquiries per month. Houseplants are increasingly popular now because people are spending more time at home. Consider how searches for “house plants” increased immediately following the outbreak.

Plus, many people buy plants for themselves and as gifts for others, including succulents and other easy-to-grow indoor plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants could also be a route to explore. The phrase “Etsy wreaths” generates around 3,400 average monthly searches and could be a perfect item to make with fake plants.


You may consider it as a small business ideas for etsy. Journals, like planners, can have several focuses – trip journals, culinary journals, etc. Alternatively, you may start with blank notebooks and make one-of-a-kind covers with watercolors and designs. Don’t forget to keep a bullet diary.

There have been 27,826 monthly searches over the last past few years. The most popular keywords are journal, bullet notebook, leather journal, customized journal, gratitude journal, trash journal, journal stickers, trip journal, and customer journal.

Items for a Bachelorette Party

Choosing a product where consumers are less concerned with the price point might lead to a very profitable Etsy business. I hate to tell it, but people spend A LOT of money on these kinds of events. That doesn’t mean you should overpay; it just implies you have people ready to buy.

It might also be a fantastic etsy shop ideas for party kit packs, where you offer all necessities in one package to make things easy for your consumer. There are 23,647 monthly searches.

Party décor, glitter, party goodies, wedding party presents, bachelorette shirts, bachelorette games, engagement party, bachelorette cups, bachelorette sash, and bachelorette favors are some of the top keywords.


The fantastic and easy Etsy shop ideas for individuals is knitting who enjoy it while doing other things (such as watching TV); you may combine two enjoyable hobbies simultaneously. After all, everyone requires blankets, and the market is not going away.

It’s a matter of determining which type of blanket is now selling best. Consider a chunky blanket vs. a pom pom blanket or a baby blanket. You don’t have to create them yourself; you may purchase them in quantity. You may also buy the blanket and add value by customizing it with embroidery.

There are 22,135 monthly searches. Throw blanket, knit blanket, chunky knit blanket, baby blankets, crochet blanket, and customized blanket are some of the top keywords.

Coffee or Tea Mugs

Who doesn’t appreciate a decent coffee mug? Maybe you prefer tea; either way, this is simple to offer on Etsy. Again, you are not required to make the cup. You can apply customized or dishwasher washable stickers to them according to a group (e.g., Disney, popular TV shows, etc.).

Just be conscious of any copyright issues. We all remember when people started selling Baby Yoda merchandise, and Disney worked hard to get this stopped. There are 34,288 searches per month.


I hope the list of Etsy shop ideas has inspired you to start your own business. The most effective approach to getting started is to start with anything. Don’t spend too much time thinking and preparing since only practice can help you improve.

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