5 diamond jewellery designs that are affordable & perfect for everyday wear.

Jewelleries are the essential elements of women’s life without which they are incomplete. They try adding more and more in their collection for many reasons like some for help means if any emergencies then these are the best immediate things that can be liquefied with best value, for their craze and for some as investments .the designs and weight depends on their requirements like as for casual wears, daily wears or party wears.

Mostly people prefer wearing finger rings, bracelets, bangles, and necklace or neck chains with pendants or earrings as daily wears. Now that the question arises can all kind of jewelleries be worn as daily wears? Then the answer would definitely be yes with certain exceptions like the metal or gemstone used, design and weight of the jewelleries to make this possible.

If you too are in the same boat and struggling to find the best designs that can be affordable and suitable for everyday use then here are some designs which you would never like to take off.

  • GOLD STACKING FINGER RINGS-If inclined towards diamond and searching for a design suitable for daily wear then go for a combination of gold with diamond.try to look out for a finger ring where a single diamond be studded as the crown of the ring protected by gold all around.

The best choice for daily wear diamond rings which is gaining popularity now a days lab diamond rings which are affordable.

  • PENDANT NECKLACE-Heavy jewelry is no more a trend now. Lightweight jewellery are preferred the most, for daily wear which showcases allegiance. A simple lightweight necklace looks classy and goes well with any kind of outfit. Dewdrop necklace, hammered gold necklace, petal clustered diamond necklace are a few of the necklace designs which can be worn every day as they are lightweight jewelry and do not need to be changed very often to match the outfits.
  • EARRINGS: Vintage ear drops, small hoop , small gold diamond-studded or stone studded gold studs which are light in weight can be used as daily wears and looks stunning no matter what ever attire you are in.
  • BRACELETS- Its always a tedious task to check out for your outfits that match your bracelet or bracelet matching  your outfit every day, its time consuming too .Four petal, mistress of squares- diamond bracelets, symmetrical, groove trove, meshy, body suit- gold bracelets are few designs that can be problem solvers or these designs when looked into can help you out to find the one which can match your requirements.
  • BANGLES: Net Armour, breezybubbly, silky slinky -gold bangles, designs like miracle plate diamond bangles or a fusion of lab diamonds and gold combined bangles are the best collections to be chosen from, for daily wear.

Designs withclassic elements remixed for every day styles can match and rock any outfits from ethnic to western. Many labeled brands have fab daily collections which are lightweight , pocket friendly and have features that can suit any occasion may it be a workplace, family friendly travel places, get-together party with friends, small scale office parties, and many more for which we cannot keep changing, matching our jewelry. Daily wear jewelry needs more attention as they are roughly used and needs to be added but at the same time need to be radiant, charming that can make a statement without losing your thunder all day -every day so daily wear jewelry need to select wisely.

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