Equipment Tracking Systems for Fleets: What You Need to Know

Equipment Tracking Systems for Fleets: What You Need to Know

Managing a vehicle fleet is a tough but possible task. If you have the right technology at your disposal, you can easily track what your vehicle is doing and not doing. 

Fleet management systems today are a great aid in managing things smoothly. The vehicle tracking system includes GPS for trucks, fuel management systems, vehicle CCTV camera, Dashcam truck,  inventory management software, etc. These systems work in collaboration with each other and help you increase the operational efficiency of your fleet, improve the safety of both assets and the employees, reduce the cost to improve your bottom line, etc. But how to know which technology is best for your mixed fleet? There must-have features which set a technology apart from the rest are discussed here. 

Customizable Alerts

Every fleet management company has different policies, and they require alert notifications if anything goes ultra vires of those policies. 

Customizable alerts allow managers to pinpoint any behavior which violates company policies. They can also track unusual activities which directly affect the bottom line, such as wrong driver behavior. Dashcam truck and vehicle CCTV cameras are a great way to detect it, but a manager can’t go through each video.  An alert is a great option to detect idling time, fuel wastage due to bad driving, or repairs due to acceleration and crashes. 

Customizable alerts include speeding alerts, maintenance alerts, fuel wastage alerts, rash driving alerts, idling alerts, odd hour operation alerts, etc. So, any tracking system you buy should have this essential feature.

Route Optimization

GPS for trucks is an effective way of tracking trucks,and it is a must-have feature of every vehicle tracking system. 

It allows managers to determine the jobs for which drivers are scheduled, the way they must take, and the deliveries they need to make in a day. 

Earlier, it used to be a manual procedure and required lots of phone calls to arrange things, avoid overlapping, and manage tasks between several drivers. With a vehicle tracking system, it has been made easy. The system guides them the most cost-effective way, the traffic they will meet, the time it will take, etc. It reduces the fuel cost by avoiding unnecessary long routes, improves fuel mileage, reduces time, improves the bottom line, and satisfies customers as their products are delivered on time.

Real-Time Location Tracking

To effectively manage a vehicle fleet, keeping an eye on them is essential; thus, real-time location tracking is important. GPS vehicle tracker lets you know where your drivers are, whether they are on the move, whether the driver is speeding, and many other details that help you send the required help if needed.

A GPS tracker works like a cell phone and sends a real-time update about engine hours, fuel levels, maintenance requirements, etc. You can also use Bluetooth low-energy beacons that periodically send you the location of the assets if you are concerned about geofencing. 

Vehicle Maintenance 

For a fleet management company, fleets are inventory, and thus, your vehicle tracking software must-have inventory management software that can keep an eye on maintenance requirements. 

Preventive maintenance is better than an unexpected breakdown which kills time. Excessive vehicle downtime is hazardous for business and can severely affect your bottom line. Schedule your maintenance when the vehicle needs it. Instead, when the vehicle betrays you on the move due to a failed part. 

Driver Monitoring

A vehicle tracking software must include a vehicle CCTV camera and dash cam truck to monitor drivers. They are the ones who operate vehicles, and the image of your company is in their hands. 

The way they drive impacts the fuel consumption if the vehicle idles for long intervals, vehicle repair costs if the parts fail due to unnecessary acceleration or harsh braking,  increased insurance costs due to speeding in traffic and causing minor crashes, etc. 

The dashcam trucks make them drive in an acceptable way as they are being monitored. Plus, you can see the videos to coach them later and teach what is acceptable and what is not. Improving driver behavior is vital to increasing vehicle life and increasing employee efficiency. 

Moreover, Driver Monitoring also is a necessary part of Dot Compliance. For your ease, you can also try dot compliance softwares. DOT compliance software refers to successfully meeting the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the federal agency that enforces rules DOT regulations governing the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

Right-Sizing The Fleet

The vehicle size, the jobs for which they are used, their utilization, etc., helps management to understand if they are using the vehicles in an optimum manner or not. 

Measuring vehicle utilization determines the efficiency of vehicles and makes intelligent decisions regarding the procurement of new vehicles or disposing of the ones which are not yielding worth their cost. It is only possible with vehicle tracking software. 

Final Words

Equipment tracking systems can do a lot if allowed. The above features are only a teaser of its capabilities.  Before buying the equipment tracking system, you must determine your business challenges, why you are seeking software help, and if it has the features that can solve your problems. When installed and utilized to its full potential, equipment tracking software can change how your fleet management company works and transform your image for the best.   

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