Emergency Dental Clinic Blackburn

If you need emergency dental treatment in Blackburn, AP Smilecare are here to help!

We know that dental emergencies can be scary, but the main thing to remember is to keep calm, and rest assured you’re in good hands with our experts.

Some of the most common issues we handle are:

  1. Painful toothaches
  2. Bleeding gums
  3. Broken teeth
  4. An avulsed (knocked out) tooth
  5. Extruded teeth


We understand that when you’re in pain, you want to sort the problem out as fast as possible. That’s why we have SAME DAY* emergency appointments at our Blackburn practice from £120.00. This includes our assessment of you and treatment that will help soothe your problem.

If you call from 8:30 am each day, we can accommodate you in one of our emergency slots. This is usually around 12 noon. Even if you are an NHS patient you can still call us for advice.

*during office hours

Emergency dentist Blackburn

Toothaches are never a pleasant experience. Broken, chipped, knocked-out teeth expose the living tissue, which tends to get sensitive and eventually becomes infected. You must consider some first aid such as rinsing your mouth with mildly warm water till you reach out to our Blackburn dentists in Melbourne at Healthy Smiles.

Emergencies are unexpected and when these are related to oral problems, then quick treatment can help restrict the severity of the issue.

Unfortunately, none of us is aware of the time, place, or with whom a dental emergency may happen. This is why Healthy Smiles always has a team of emergency dentists who see the patients arriving at our clinic with dental conditions requiring immediate care and help for their oral condition.

Emergency Dental Clinic Blackburn and Teeth Whitening Treatment

Emergency circumstances occur at all times. For clinical emergencies, there are emergency clinic facilities. However, what about emergency dental clinic Blackburn centres? Most of the moment, our teeth are healthy and do not require any treatment. However, if issues do arise, we can contact our regional dental practitioner. Nonetheless, if you are not registered with a dental professional, you may need to resort to emergency dental procedures. Therefore, understanding the different emergency dental requirements and when to call is necessary.

It is a dental procedure that includes whitening the teeth’ enamel to brighten and bleach their appearance. Specialist teeth whitening treatment includes the lightening procedure performed by an oral professional, usually in a dental clinic.

Award-winning emergency dental surgery in Blackburn, Melbourne

Like any other medical health emergency, the initial moments in dental emergencies are also crucial, and acting upon it quickly and accurately can affect your recovery time and oral health in general. Even if you are not sure of why you are experiencing toothache or pain in your gums, you must still call your Blackburn dentist at Healthy Smiles and get yourself checked.

Our caring team of dentists in Blackburn, Melbourne, follow strict hygiene practices, and we observe cleaning standards throughout our facility. We offer our treatments in a healthy and safe environment.

Healthy Smiles maintain enough time between patient appointments to ensure that every patient gets the optimum time for discussion and treatment with our dentist. Booking an appointment before visiting our dental clinic in Blackburn enables us to provide you with better services.

What are some dental emergency cases we handle in Blackburn, Melbourne?


Toothaches are a sign of an underlying issue, and some of the probable causes are fractured teeth, cavities, infection, or a damaged nerve.

If you are experiencing discomfort while chewing food or the pain is constant even after you have finished chewing, it is a dental emergency. Timely treatment can help in the prevention of severe dental issues that may be caused in the future.

Broken Dental Equipment (braces, dentures, crown, bridges, etc.).

Dental equipment is durable as they are made from high-quality materials. But they may break from improper care or mishandling. You must not try and fix it yourself. This usually makes things worse. Instead, you must get in touch with our caring emergency dentist in Melbourne.

Broken or cracked tooth treatment

Broken or cracked teeth are common, but their treatment should not be ignored or delayed. The teeth are usually vulnerable to bacteria, which cause infection and soon spread to the gums. Our dentists advise that you collect any pieces of the broken tooth, and if possible, the dentist might be able to repair it. However, this entirely depends on the severity of the damage incurred. You must avoid extremely hot or cold foods till you reach an emergency dentist as extreme temperatures can cause pain and discomfort.

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