Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Which One is Right for You?

Loss of time, discomfort, stress, and many other reasons caused thousands of people to put aside the car. The substitute? For a large number of them, the logical substitute has become the electric scooter. It offers many advantages over cars but also causes some problems for users. However, learning from all these problems, another very striking means of mobility is hitting the streets: the electric skateboard.

So, let’s have a look at the differences between electric skates and electric scooters and see which one suits you according to your lifestyle.

Electric scooter, the king of the streets

Since its launch, the electric scooter has been gaining popularity. A different way of moving around the city, without traffic jams, with total freedom and without effort. It is a good substitute for the electric bike, which, although is more comfortable allowing you to sit down, does not carry large and heavy things, in addition to being much cheaper.

Electric scooters allow mobility in an ecological and free way. They don’t weigh too much and they are easily movable. In addition, it’s very easy to find a place to park the scooter.

Some of the pros are:

  • They can be left anywhere;
  • Good autonomy, in general;
  • Ease of transportation.

They have many benefits, but they also have some negative points to take into account. Their strengths in transportation and ease of parking also become a problem since it is easy to leave them unattended and anyone can easily take them away.

Electric skateboard, the next to the throne

Ease of transportation, freedom to move, good autonomy, are some of the positive aspects that we have seen of the scooter, now take these strengths and take them to a new level. That’s what electric skateboarding does.

Electric skateboards have the benefits of scooters with a little improvement. They are much less bulky than scooters. They are also much easier to transport as they are much lighter, and after all, you just have to move your board, without having to worry about the handle. Thanks to this you can take them with you anywhere, they practically do not take a space.

When it comes to comfort, electric skateboarding can have pros and cons. The wider and softer wheels absorb the shocks suffered by the board and drastically reduce vibrations. The large surface of the electric skateboard deck also makes it very stable, so riding it is very easy.

Some of the electric skateboards’ advantages are:

  • Better stability;
  • You can keep them anywhere;
  • Easily replaceable parts and plenty of them are interchangeable.

Leaving that aside, the main point against it is that the handling is completely with the feet, so learning to move with it can be somewhat more complicated compared to the ease of the scooter handlebars.


The final decision depends on what you prioritize. If you have space to leave the scooter and you do not have to worry about it being stolen, as well as the route you take does not have very steep ground, perhaps yours would be the electric scooter.

If you want to free your hands, enjoy greater mobility, reliability, easier repairs and incredibly easy transportation, then the electric skateboard might interest you more.

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