Effects Of Jewelry For Body Health

Effects Of Jewelry For Body Health

Effects of Jewelry on Health – Jewelry is indeed widely used among women, jewelry is believed to be a symbol of welfare for women since time immemorial. Until now, most women believe that wearing gold or diamond jewelry can enhance their appearance.

Did you know that wearing jewelry has a good effect on health?

Luxury Jewelry that you always wear every day to add to your appearance to be more beautiful, is actually good for your health. Get some of the benefits of wearing gold jewelry for body health:

Effects of Jewelry on Mental Health and Natural Soothing

Jewelry can increase self-confidence, because wearing jewelry can beautify or modify yourself so that self-confidence will appear. Confidence is good for one’s mental health because it avoids feeling inferior or lacking confidence in appearance. To maximize self-confidence, jewelry should be worn every day or during an event.

The use of jewelry such as gold in everyday life is believed to have a calming effect on the wearer. As a symbol of women’s well-being, gold jewelry has been recommended as a natural calming agent to stabilize emotions and maintain mental health. Because gold or jewelry can increase self-confidence for the wearer.

Effects of Jewelry Useful As Healer

It is said that ancient people believed that gold had a calming vibrational effect. If it is attached to a part of the body that is infected or bruised, then that part of the body will heal quickly. This can happen because the part of the body that wears gold becomes more relaxed and the blood circulation system is smooth. So that the process of cell regeneration to replace cells to replace dead skin cells becomes faster.

Wearing jewelry can make you feel happy. Happiness can increase beta endorphins in the body. This hormone can help increase comfort and reduce pain, so it’s no wonder that the symptoms of arthritis can be reduced by wearing gold jewelry every day.

You already know, it turns out that there is an effect of jewelry on your health. Use it for your daily life and make yourself look more beautiful and healthy and feel the benefits of it.

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring

Choosing an Engagement Ring – Proposing to your partner will be unforgettable if the way you propose is by surprise. Organizing an event is easy, but how do you give your partner an engagement ring?

Want to propose to your partner but confused about choosing the right engagement ring? Check out the following tips.

1. How to Choose a Suitable Design

Be sure to choose an engagement ring that not only looks beautiful but is relevant for a long time. Engagement rings are only once in a lifetime, so check your partner’s preferences before buying them. You certainly know him better with what kind of character, for example if he likes vintage style you can buy him an art deco style ring, if it’s simple choose a simple model and if you like a luxurious design you can choose an extravagant design.

2. How to Know the Right Ring Size

To find out the right size, you can try several ways. First, you can ask his best friend to take your partner to the jewelry store and try on the size that fits his finger. After they go home you can ask a good friend or go back to the jewelry store that was visited before and ask the size on your partner’s finger.

Or you can measure the ring your partner already has and measure the inside diameter using a ruler. You can also place the ring on paper and draw the inner circle of the ring on the paper to measure the diameter of the ring more accurately. Make sure you take a ring that fits on the ring finger of his hand.

3. Check Social Media Accounts

Women will usually post on status, posts and mark things they like. So check your boyfriend’s social media accounts for posts, pictures and retweets that will give you clues about his preferred style.

She might also keep a photo of her dream Luxury engagement rings brands on her Facebook account, or maybe she’ll follow some jewelry accounts on Instagram. His preferred dress style in general can also be a clue to this.

Hopefully with these tips you can find out how to choose the right engagement ring for your partner. Good luck.

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