Early Signs of Kidney Disease

Early Signs of Kidney Disease

People should prioritize their physical and psychological health to live a content life. Individuals exhibiting symptoms such as pain, blood in the urine, and fever, there is a chance that they are suffering from an infection. It is essential to visit the best nephrologist in Lahore when they start noticing changes in their body. If the person suffering from kidney infection does not get the treatment on time; it can lead to permanent organ damage. The special will detect the illness and its cause to provide treatment accordingly.

The signs that indicated infection are:

  • The Person Remains Lethargic: Individuals suffering from kidney disease are more likely to be anemic. Due to the decreased functioning of the organ, there is an excessive accumulation of toxins in the blood. It makes the individual become inactive, weak, and stressed. Also, the person cannot concentrate on any task and remains anxious.
  • Sleep-Related Problems: Sleep apnea and kidney disease correlate. People diagnosed with sleep apnea are more prone to suffer from kidney disease. The toxins from the body are not removed through urine and cause problems in sleeping. The individuals become restless. Both conditions can lead to further psychological and physical illnesses.
  • Changes in Skin: The function of the kidneys is to remove toxins and excess fluid from the body. Kidneys help increase red blood cells and preserve the mineral levels; to promote bone health. If the person is suffering from a mineral deficit, the skin becomes dry and patchy, causing discomfort. It indicates that the kidneys are not functioning, leading to toxin buildup in the body.
  • Excessive Urge to Urine: If people notice that they have an excessive urge to urinate at night, it is more likely that the kidneys are not functioning properly. It is an indication of a kidney infection. Men experiencing the symptom are more likely to suffer from an enlarged prostate.
  • Blood in the Urine: People who notice blood in the urine should seek immediate medical attention. It is an indication of kidney cancer, tumor, and infection. Therefore, the individual requires a quick diagnosis for opting the most effective treatment option. The blood in the urine implies a leak or damage in the kidneys’ filter. 
  • Foamy Urine: Foamy urine indicates that the individual is suffering from kidney infection or stones. The foamy urine is an indication of excessive albumin in the body. People who experience pain in the abdominal region and have recurrent episodes of fever should seek medical help. The kidney stones should be removed from the body, or else they can cause permanent damage, affecting the functioning of kidneys.
  • Inflammation in Ankles: People who can notice swelling in the lower extremities are more likely to have sodium retention in the body. The excessive sodium in the body is due to a lack of kidney functioning. Kidneys maintain the balance of nutrients in the body; however, inflammation is an indication of chronic kidney disease.
  • Loss of Appetite: Due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, the person becomes inactive and loses interest in consuming food. It is a common symptom of kidney disease.
  • Experience Muscle Cramping: The cause of muscle cramping is the imbalance in the electrolyte level. The imbalance in the body is due to the malfunctioning of the kidneys. The calcium and phosphorous levels fall below normal, which leads to muscle cramping.

People who exhibit any of the mentioned symptoms should visit the best nephrologist in Islamabad. The person needs to reach out to a specialist and get the treatment to avoid complications and lead a balanced life. Prioritizing physical health will make one live a healthier life with a sense of contentment.


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