How To Clean A Fabric Couch By Hand?

Cleaning your fabric couch by hand may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think! Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to clean a fabric couch by hand to get your fabric looking and feeling new again. You will avoid using cleaning chemicals and get your favorite item clean.

Check If the Sofa Can Be Washed or Dry-Cleaned

Like microfiber or faux leather ones, most modern couches can be washed in a washing machine. Look at your sofa’s care tag, and if it says anything about spot cleaning, then your best option is to contact the couch master company.

Also, check how much fabric your sofa has left. If you see that most of it is exposed foam with almost no cloth covering, do not even try washing it yourself and take it to a professional cleaner instead! This will save your time and headache as these types of sofas usually look terrible after washing.

Remove Soot, Dirt, and Stains

Soiled upholstery is dirty, dingy, and doesn’t look good. However, with proper cleaning techniques, you can have your couch looking brand new in no time. The first step is to remove any soot or dirt from fabric surfaces. For light dirt and stains that can be scrubbed out by hand, put some water on a clean cloth or sponge and gently rub it into whatever has soiled your couch.


You may need to use more potent cleaning agents such as liquid detergent or cleaning soap for more permanent marks. Be careful when using these chemicals since they are stronger than water alone and can easily damage your couch if too much is used or left on for too long. After you’ve removed any visible stains, it’s time to wash your couch coverings with soap and water. If there are small loose cushions, remove them and wash them separately.

Vacuum up loose dirt and other particles

Carefully vacuum up all remaining loose dirt particles from your couch, as well as from all areas where you have cleaned. Be sure not to get any debris on your clean rooms, or worse, in any of your home’s corners or crevices. Vacuuming is best done with an upright vacuum cleaner.


An upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning fabric couches. These vacuums come with rotating brush bars that help loosen debris and attach them to an internal suction mechanism. This process is also known as bagless canister vacuuming. Be sure you have all attachments in place before beginning to clean, including any attachments meant for hardwood floors or carpeting—these can ruin upholstery if misused.

How can we Deodorize and Freshen your fabric?

We provide the best service to your couch cleaning, our professionals deodorizing and freshening your cleaning ritual, especially if you have kids or pets.


You’ll save yourself both time and money by taking care of your upholstery with these safe methods. Depending on how many years your couch has seen service, you might have to repeat these steps periodically. This is good news—that means you’re committed to keeping it in great shape.

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