Driving Tests: Can They Be Cancelled Due To Weather Conditions?

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The rules and regulations you must follow to get a driving license in Canada depends on the province and territory. If you are a Canadian resident, you can directly visit any drive test centre for the test. However, if you have shifted to Canada, you must exchange your foreign license for a driving license in Canada.

The Ministry of Transportation Canada can cancel your driving test in certain situations. Some of the common reasons may include bad weather conditions or bad roads. Your drive test centre might also cancel your driving test due to several other reasons.

So in this helpful guide, we will discuss the various reasons why your test centre can cancel your driving test and what weather conditions can affect your test. After passing your driving test, you must buy car insurance in Canada as per government regulations.

Drive test weather cancellation Ontario — When should you confirm with the test centre?

Your driving test centre might cancel your test on a particular day due to dangerous weather conditions like heavy snowfall or slippery or icy roads. Your test might also be cancelled or postponed if there is a flood of thick fog or high wind. The test can only be cancelled if the examiner determines that the current weather conditions are unsafe for driving. However, if there is light rain in your area, your examiner will continue with the driving test.

Therefore if you have a driving test on a particular day and there is bad weather in the morning, it is always advised that you call your test centre to learn about your test’s status. The Ministry of Transportation Canada will be sending the contact details of your local driving test centre via SMS or email.

What if your driving test is cancelled due to bad weather conditions?

So, your area has heavy snowfall, and your training test centre has called to inform you that they will cancel your test today. However, you might wonder what will happen now and how you will pass the test and get your driver’s license?

Do not worry. The driving test centre will book a slot on a new date for your driving test if your test is cancelled due to bad weather conditions. However, the centre will not refund any out-of-pocket expenses that you might have made.

The driving test centre automatically sends the new test date to your email address within 2 to 3 working days.

Will your driving centre change the examination date if the test has to be cancelled for something apart from bad weather conditions?

Absolutely. The test centre might need to cancel the test for multiple reasons besides bad weather. For example, the examiner might be sick or, if due, for any reason, the test centre is closed.

In this situation, that test centre will automatically send you the latest test date with new timings. However, in this situation, you can apply for a refund of any expenses you must have incurred. But, you can only apply for a refund if your driving test centre has cancelled the test at short notice.

Driving test cancelled due to bad weather by the driver

Just like the driving test centre can cancel or postpone the test, you are also allowed to do it if you feel unwell or have a family emergency.

In this situation, you will need to contact the driving test centre to cancel your test directly. You will only get a refund for the application fee if you cancel it before three working days before the examination. For example, if you have a test on Tuesday and want to cancel it, you must inform the test centre on Friday of the previous week.

However, if you cancel the driving test, you will have to book another one by yourself. This is valid even if you cancel the test a couple of hours before the test if you feel ill or have specific issues with your car.

Can you preprone your driving test to an early date?

Yes, you can book an early date for your driving test, depending on the availability of test centres. Contact a third-party driving test cancellation finder to find the correct date. You will receive notifications via SMS or email. If the date suits you, you can apply immediately via the third-party application.

What are the different types of driving licenses in Canada?

If you are shifting to Canada or applying for a driving license, you will need to know the different types of licenses. In certain provinces, like Ablerta, you’ll need to follow these requirements:

  • Class 7 learner’s license for cars and mopeds
  • Class 6 license for operation of motorcycles or mopeds by yourself. This can also be used as the learner license for all class 6 motor vehicles.
  • Class 5 license, which is the complete driver’s license for two-axle vehicles like mopeds and other cars
  • A Class 5 GDL license is not a full driver’s licence. It is valid for all those applicants who have passed the road test but have less than two years of driving experience. However, strict rules and regulations exist, and you must maintain a 0% alcohol level while driving.

In provinces like Ontario, you go through a graduated licence system and obtain the following types of licences over time:

  • G1
  • G2
  • G-class

Tips for passing your road test

Now that you know how to deal with drive test weather cancellation Ontario, it’s time for you to learn how to get your licence! Your driving test can be pretty hard, stressful, and even a little nerve-wracking. You can follow these tips for getting immediate approval on the first try:

1.   Practice diligently

To be confident and a safe driver, you need regular practice. You can always postpone your examination if you believe you do not have enough practice.

2.   Obey traffic signals

You need to watch for the different traffic signals and follow them carefully.

3.   Be Confident behind the wheel

Trust your decision-making and driving skills while you are giving the test. The instructor will want to see that you have good decision-making capabilities while driving.

4.   Parallel parking

Practice parallel parking until you are confident that you can do the task without much stress.

Drive test weather cancellation Ontario — Endnote

It is quite unlikely that you will get your driving test cancelled due to weather Ontario.

For the cancellation of your driver test, extreme conditions like heavy rain, snowfall, or fog must be present. Before going in for the examination, call your driving test centre in the morning to confirm your test.

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