Does FedEx Sell Stamps? – A Complete Guide

does fedex sell stamps

Does FedEx sell stamps is a question that confuses everyone? The United States Postal Service (USPS), the United Parcel Service (UPS), and Federal Express are the three major players in the country’s shipping industry (FedEx). Each firm offers advantages depending on the size and location of your package.

It is somewhat understandable that FedEx does not offer US postage stamps, given the competitive nature of these businesses’ relationship. But FedEx may still help you with your envelope and package delivery needs.

Does FedEx Sell Stamps

You have undoubtedly heard of FedEx if you live in the US. Now the question is, does FedEx sell stamps? FedEx is a well-known shipping business that stands as the finest in the nation. In reality, the business is highly regarded as a shipping industry leader and is held exactly next to USPS (US Postal services). 

They also deal with postage stamps, so you won’t need to search further to safely ship your box, whether it’s for an international or local recipient. FedEx neither sells USPS stamps nor does it have a partnership with them. Of course, they provide you with a superior substitute for USPS stamps.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot purchase USPS stamps at the FedEx facility nearest you. FedEx does not sell USPS stamps. However, they provide an option that avoids the USPS.

FedEx Stamp Working Hours

There are FedEx offices in every state in the union and 150 different nations. One of the top international shipping firms, FedEx today offers time-definite delivery to more than 200 nations. FedEx provides copying and printing services in addition to delivery services.

Typically, locations in the United States are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. But during special occasions, it is available on Sundays too. However, depending on the location, hours might change, so be sure to call ahead to find out when the FedEx facility closest to you is open.

Does FedEx sell Stamps online?

US postal stamps are not presently available for purchase online. But it doesn’t mean they can’t assist you with your postal requirements. For all of your postage and shipping requirements, offers a multitude of services, including:

  • Create a personalized mailing label for your envelope or box using the “Create a Shipment” page on
  • Utilize the “Tracking” feature on the website to keep track of current shipments.
  • Use the easy-to-use FedEx Locator to find FedEx locations. For details on the FedEx Locator, see “Finding a FedEx Location” below.
  • Visit the “Customer Support” page to contact a customer support agent via phone or text. Any issues you may have about postage, delivery or FedEx tracking get answered by customer support specialists.

FedEx Stamps Price

FedEx is a firm committed to providing shipping services domestically and worldwide. Therefore, you will discover simple shipping possibilities in addition to additional printing and writing supplies. 

Although numerous items are available for purchase at FedEx locations, it’s crucial to note that USPS stamps are not one of them. Of course, you may use FedEx to mail your box securely to any destination around the globe without using a USPS stamp.

The answer to does FedEx sell stamps is no; thus, the cost of delivering a box is solely based on the package’s weight and the location it has to be sent to. Therefore, it may or may not cost you the same to send first-class mail via FedEx as it would via USPS. FedEx, however, gives you peace of mind that your shipment will be delivered successfully and even more swiftly than USPS.

FedEx bases the postage price on the package’s weight and the location it is being shipped to. Another benefit of using FedEx for shipping is that you can weigh your box, add the required postage, and dispatch it immediately.

How to Find the Nearest FedEx Office?

  • You may find the closest FedEx using the Locator on the FedEx website. To access the location, go to the website.
  • Check the “Want to obtain the shipping labels” box, enter your address, and press the Enter key.
  • It will provide the address and phone number of the closest FedEx office.

Why do I Select FedEx?

Since we know that the answer to does FedEx sell stamps is no, it still provides many more facilities. On the basis of them, there are several benefits to purchasing stamps from FedEx. But a few of the primary causes are as follows:

FedEx sells postage stamps at the same price as the USPS. FedEx provides both individual and stamp books.
You may purchase writing paper, gift boxes, envelopes, and other items at a FedEx location. They provide the option for customers to weigh packages before purchasing postage stamps.
The top shipping company is FedEx. With the FedEx shipping services, you can easily mail your box or deliver locally and abroad. FedEx allows you to mail practically anything.
They also provide additional services, such as binding, printing, and copying. Other products available through FedEx include stationery, flash drives, printers, writing instruments, and many more.
FedEx offers online bill management and payment options to its regular clients They provide the ideal wrapping for each item.
Finding a FedEx location near you won’t be a problem because they have more than 2000 offices spread all over the US. The ideal one-stop shop for your mailing needs is FedEx.


Now you got the detailed answer to the question does FedEx sell stamps? FedEx is a shipping business. Whether it’s a national or international delivery, it delivers safely. Although you cannot purchase USPS stamps at FedEx, they have excellent alternatives.

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