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We have over many years of success in servicing all types of companies and performing cleaning & total service/solutions on virtually all types of environments in most of Denmark, and can bid with 11 different services. The advantage of us is that you only need one supplier. We have long-term customers, employees & collaborative relationships. We are delighted and excited about our work, our company’s policy is that unity and well-being are paramount.

Professional Erhvervsrengøring is a Danish cleaning company in Copenhagen with more than many years of experience in the field. On a daily basis, it handles the daily cleaning of a large number of companies, institutions and private homes.  Professional Erhvervsrengøring is a Danish cleaning company with an office in jacobsens-rengø in Copenhagen. We offer cleaning for private and business on Zealand. We handle all tasks within cleaning , including daily cleaning, head cleaning, eviction cleaning, craftsman cleaning, nicotine cleaning, oven cleaning and much, much more.

If you want to hear more about the benefits of choosing us as your new cleaning company, or if you want to start the collaboration, you are welcome to contact Professional Erhvervsrengøring A / S today. We are happy to come up with a non-binding offer on a cleaning agreement for your private home, your institution, clinic, office landscape or something completely different.

Cleaning company for private and business

There is nothing better, or more satisfying, than coming home to a clean house or coming into shiny clean office space. Cleaning is important for the feeling of well-being, but to a large extent also for the health and the indoor climate in the premises in question. If you are looking for a cleaning company that can help you with the cleaning of your premises, either private or business, you can always contact Professional Rengøringsservice for a non-binding offer.

Choose us as your cleaning company

We know that there are a multitude of cleaning companies in Copenhagen, and that it can be difficult to distinguish between them and what they offer, so here we give you three good reasons to choose Professional Cleaning your partner.

A cleaning company with many years of experience: We have many years of experience as a cleaning company, and we have several customers who have held since the beginning, and thus can celebrate the anniversary, which we see as the ultimate stamp of quality.

Trained employees: We only employ staff with a clean criminal record and who have undergone training in cleaning. The education includes i.a. knowledge of which products may be used on which surfaces, so we avoid wear or marks on your table tops, floor, etc.

Focus on the Environment: With our clear environmental policy, we help you take better care of the environment.

If your business needs professional and efficient professional cleaning, you have come to the right place! At jacobsens-rengø, we are specialists in cleaning and therefore also have many years of experience and expertise in our luggage. 

You can expect a result that is always complete and shiny clean. With us, there are no fixed prices, and we are also flexible with agreements, as we know that there can be changes in the plans when running a business. Therefore, our commercial cleaning prices also always depend on the scope of the task – however, we always make sure to find a solution and a good offer for you.

There are many good reasons to keep rooms and surroundings clean in the workplace. First and foremost, a thorough business cleaning creates a better and healthier work environment for your employees and yourself. In addition, it is of course also more pleasant to work and hold meetings in rooms and surroundings that are clean and neat Flytterengøring.

In fact, dirty environments can cause more sick days among your employees because it results in a bad indoor climate. Therefore, a professional commercial cleaning gives you both shiny clean rooms and a better indoor climate as well as able-bodied employees. In addition to commercial cleaning, we of course also offer targeted office cleaning for companies and businesses.

Along with a commercial cleaning, we can also provide other services. Maybe your premises also need a round of professional window cleaning ? Then we also manage this service. We get around a lot when it comes to cleaning, and clean windows are always a plus at companies – so the sun can penetrate even if you sit in front of the desk most of the day.

Of course, it is not the employees or you who are responsible for the cleaning in the company. That is why we offer efficient and professional commercial cleaning with flexible agreements and an always welcoming staff who deliver clean results every time.

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