Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

digital marketing tips for law firms

In this day and age, it’s essential to be able to market your law firm in a way that is unique from your competition. Digital marketing offers many different avenues, allowing you to tap into a wider potential customer base.

The tips below will give you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t for law firm digital marketing.

1. Be where your clients are

Today’s consumers are online, on mobile devices, and leveraging digital platforms to find the information they need. If you’re not there with them, they’ll go elsewhere. Being active on trendy social media channels such as LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter might help you get their attention. Don’t just have a presence, participate and engage with your target audience.

2. Create a website that is mobile-friendly

Mobile devices are the most popular way people search for information online, so you must be able to accommodate these searches if you expect to stay relevant. As mentioned above, consumers don’t just go online – they use their mobile devices too. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has a responsive design so that it will automatically adjust to all screen sizes, regardless of whether the consumer is using an iPhone or Android device.

3. Optimize your website for search engines

An optimized website contains keywords and phrases relevant to your practice area and those specific to your target audience. These keywords should be placed in the title tags, headings, meta descriptions and page content so that search engines can crawl your website for relevant data.

4. Create quality content

Building a blog with fresh, relevant, 1st-page Google search engine optimised (SEO) content is one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your website. Include a blog on your site and make sure it is filled with thoughtful, informative posts that contain keywords relevant to your practice area. Watch for Google updates and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly!

5. Track everything

It’s essential to measure all marketing efforts so that you can determine which methods are driving the most organic traffic through to the website. This is where Google Analytics comes in. Track source, time on site, bounce rate and page views for all digital marketing efforts, including website pages, blog content and social media properties to give you a complete picture of your online presence.

6. Use local listings

Are you listed as an attorney on directory sites like Yelp  and Superpages? Make sure you are because many consumers turn to these resources when looking for legal representation in their area. You should also claim any local listings that are relevant to your practice, including Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and other sites.

7. Respond to reviews

When clients post reviews online, it’s crucial for you to respond to them promptly so that they know you are listening. If someone takes the time to post a negative review, acknowledge this fact and inform them of the steps being taken to resolve their issues with your office. This is also an opportunity for you to remind clients about any positive reviews so that these are displayed prominently on your site.

8. Be patient!

It will take some time before your investment in digital marketing pays off. In order to see a positive return on your efforts, you must be patient as it takes months for many search engine ranking factors to take effect and positively impact organic traffic. While you’re waiting, continue to implement SEO techniques and measure the results so that you have a strategy going forward!

9. Employ social media to your advantage

Using social media to promote your practice is a wonderful method to increase awareness. Utilize platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to post news about recent cases or changes in the law that could impact your clients. You can also use these sites as listening posts by engaging with potential clients through comments on their posts.

10. Utilize PPC

Paid search is another great method to publicise your law firm online. If you are already advertising in traditional media channels, consider extending these ads to the internet by utilizing Google Adwords.

Once your website is complete, be sure to have it looked over by a professional web designer so that any issues are caught before going live. Follow a similar process with a social media presence consisting of a Facebook business page and Twitter account. After these two accounts are launched also consider utilizing other social media properties

like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest to help round out your digital presence. If you are looking for a Legal Marketing Agency then Solicitors Marketing is the place for yo

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