Different Iphone Apps To Edit Videos For Your Youtube Channel

Different Iphone Apps To Edit Videos For Your Youtube Channel

Being a YouTuber is one of the most amazing things that people can do to earn a living and get themselves amidst the stars ruling social media networks like YouTube. In the current digital age, many individuals who started off their career by making mediocre range videos just by using their phone camera and a selfie stick are now rich kids of social media. You can have a look at the content, YouTube career and success stories of YouTubers like PewDiePie (111,000,000 subscribers), JuegaGerman (44,800,000 subscribers), Whinderssonnunes (43,000,000 subscribers), Fernanfloo (43,200,000 subscribers) and many other individuals who started with mainstream videos and today they travel around the world making videos and use high-end gadgets and apps/software to create attractive videos that are viewed and liked by fans from around the world.

In the current age, there are so many gadgets that can help you create amazing animations, create videos, and even manage content on YouTube. To attract a vast audience and to make your videos stand out from the crowd, you can use different video editing apps on the iPhone. This makes your phone a very handy video editing tool where you can edit videos with minimum effort and make them more catchy and presentable. These apps are easily available on the iPhone and you can download them using Spectrum internet. Also, you can take inspiration from content creators on different channels like Discovery, National Geographic, and many others. Have a look at a list of channels that are part of Spectrum TV Select channels. Let’s have a look at the different video editing apps that you can use on your iPhone.


This is one of the apps that can help you post your favorite shots to the Mural that you can find within the app. This way you will never lose track of your footage and clips. Even you will be able to find your clips in your camera roll. The app makes sharing videos to your text threads, email, and other media. One of the best tools is the one that can create videos, sync music, and use other powerful editing tools. If manual editing is something that you can work around then use stylistic themes and premium filters as well. The app can create super slow-mo, freeze and fast-forward clips and even add multiple segments within your clip.

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app comes with a very streamlined design and will help you create Hollywood-style trailers and clips that can get you a lot of WOWs from your audience. You can select from around 14 templates to design your trailers along with some stunning graphics. You can use the app for presentations and Vlogs and get to use customized movie cast names, studio logos, and more. The app can help you transfer your project and clips easily between iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using AirDrop or iCloud Drive

App Store Rating: 4.0


This is one of the video editing apps that you can use to create an intuitive storytelling environment and add a more professional touch. You can create a very amazing story and transition, the app can make your video editing activities on iOS devices very easy. You can use different features like using 6 audio/video tracks, insert/overwrite and link and unlink clips, display the preview on an external monitor, use present transitions and even create your own and add markers with notes to your timeline, and more. The app also helps you create slow motion and fast motion clips and even use reverse effects. You can share the movies you create with a good quality, the format that is acceptable by all users, and even create a snapshot of almost any frame easily.

App Store Rating: 4.8


This is one of the best apps that you can use for free. You can get easy video editing tools effects and filters to personalize your videos. You can add music from your library, cut out unwanted footage from the clips and even split your videos into multiple clips and do a lot more to make your videos appear more catchy. To make your videos more professional, you can even record your own voice and do a voiceover of your videos and add text of different colors and fonts. The app can also help you to share your videos directly to your Snapchat, YouTube, and many other social media apps and other websites or on email as well.

App Store Rating: 4.9

One of the best things about using these apps is that you can be as creative as possible. If you want to learn to use these apps creatively and learn more ways to use these apps, you can use Spectrum Internet services to make sure that you learn the best videography techniques online. To get Spectrum internet services you can dial the Spectrum Phone Number and order their services conveniently.

Final Idea

In the end, one can say that using the iPhone to create videos and then using the same to edit them is a good idea. You can use any of these apps that work well with the iPhone and other Apple devices to create the best videos. You can give a new direction to your presentations, discussions and other formal and informal ways of communication using the above-mentioned tools. Also, it works well to create the best Vlogs and other videos for YouTube and other video streaming apps.

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