Decorating Tips to Making a Large Room Feel Cozy

How many of us are completely happy with the size of our homes? Very few of those lucky ones; it’s our conclusion. While at first, it seems like there isn’t a downside to living in a home with large rooms, it’s not exactly so. When it comes to decorating, large rooms are particularly tricky, and for a good reason. Spacious places are more of a challenge, especially when you like that cozy, warm feeling that’s effortless to achieve in smaller rooms. We’re here to help you out. Read our list of decorating tips that will make your large rooms feel cozy.

Tall potted plants can help

Potted plants are welcome in rooms of all sizes, but while big, tall plants would make a small room feel too crammed, they fit beautifully in a larger one. Several tall plants in big, colorful pots that you can strategically place in different corners of your room will immediately transform the space. Very tall plants are the best way to fill in that tricky vertical height in your living room or the hallway with a very tall ceiling. Also, if your corners just seem to be bare and empty, placing plants there is the perfect way to make them seem more inviting and soft. Depending on the size of the room that you have, you can even put in potted trees. Christmas is the best time of the year as Christmas trees, with their lush green branches and twinkling lights instantly make the room appear cozy.

Opt for improvised coffee tables

Finding the best furniture for your home is a huge challenge, even when you aren’t focused on a particular style or décor type. When you start looking for something specific, you are often limited either by the availability of the said item, or the price range. The same goes for different types of coffee tables for your living room – small coffee tables can seem displaced when you put them in the large and spacious living room, so why not improvise a bit and pick an unusual style instead? Swap your old and boring coffee tables for cozy oversized ottomans and watch how the entire style of the living room changes dramatically. Not only does it become cozier, but you also get a huge amount of space to use. Of course, this does impose certain limitations, as you should keep your drinks on trays instead of placing them directly on ottomans. Still, this is only a minor setback, while the plus sides are many.

Pick the right curtains

Windows play a huge role in the way your room looks, and leaving them bare just makes the atmosphere cold and industrial. By picking the right curtains, you will ensure that you always have enough natural light streaming in at all times. Soft colors will transform the harsh sunlight into lighter hues, and the atmosphere will improve drastically. What is more, you can find the best curtains in Sydney online, and you don’t even have to leave your home. The right curtains will also help you save money on heating, as they help the warmth stay inside during colder winter months. When choosing the curtains, pick a color that compliments the rest of your living room. On the other hand, you can also pick curtains that stand out and add a pop of color in the otherwise uniform room.

Experiment with different wall colors

You don’t have to fill your house with plants, furniture, and trinkets in order to make it look and feel cozy. Instead, you can experiment with wall colors and see for yourself just how much different shades of color or a slightly different palette make a difference. You can do an accent wall or decide to paint two-tone walls instead. If you’d like to draw people’s attention away from your tall ceilings, a sure way to do so is by painting the walls an accent color (or two). When your walls are painted only part of the way up, this creates a much cozier feeling since it tricks the eye into thinking that the ceilings are lower than they actually are. You can do it yourself by taping off a line and paint everything below it, or you can call professionals to help you out. 

Add screens to add coziness

You can instantly make a room seem more comfortable and cozier by adding a division screen. When you have a wide, open space, it’s a good idea to create an area that’s smaller so that it feels more secure and that you feel protected when staying there. Decorative screens are your best friends for this endeavor because you can take them out or put them away in an instant. You don’t even have to keep them open all the time, as partially folded screens that stand behind your sofa will instantly make an impression of a much smaller room. Unlike real walls, screens allow both the air and foot traffic to flow freely. If screens aren’t your thing, you can always define different zones in a room with a simple console table. Relocate your sofa into the middle of the room and place a console table behind it – instant coziness.

Get creative with lighting

Lighting plays an important part in how the room feels. Larger rooms usually have more windows, and during the day there’s plenty of natural light. However, dark corners and shadows can make people feel uneasy, especially at night. One ceiling light isn’t enough to light up a big room, and you might want to add more lamps to get softer light. On the other hand a big room with a dozen lamps just looks weird, so be careful. Perhaps just a couple of lamps at first, or choose larger-scale lamps that have similar shades, since these allow you to mix in one or two slimmer and less obtrusive metal floor and wall lamps.

When you’re living in a tiny home, large rooms probably seem like a distant dream. Try not to get discouraged though, as every house size has its own set of drawbacks and problems. We hope that our list of tips and tricks will be useful in your pursuit of “the cozy” in your spacious home. Don’t forget – creativity will always give amazing results, so don’t follow instructions to the T if the inspiration strikes.

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