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google tricks

Search the web for a specific country, time, or location

The search tools (below the search bar) provide you with filtering options to filter your search results based on various criteria such as country, time, or location. This will help you do better research and easily find news or local content in your location or country. This is a very handy way to filter out invalid search results. For example, I always refine my search by setting a time filter for the past year. This allows me to only get the latest articles for my search term. This is another one of my favorite Google search tricks.

Search the web for a specific country, time, or location

Make a preview of Recent searches

Google search tools allow you to set a custom time range for search results. Using this feature, you can set a minimum duration of one hour. What if you want to check search results for the last half an hour? Here is another Google trick inside a trick.

This trick involves playing with the browser’s address bar to set a custom time, which is not available as an option in search tools. After the results page loads, change the address and add ” &TBS=QDR: XN ” in the address bar and press enter; where “X” can be y (years), m (months), d (days), h (hours), n (minutes), or s (seconds), and “N” is a number. For example, adding ” &TBS=QDR: N30 ” shows results for the last 30 minutes.

Search images by specific size, color, type, time, or copyright

Google offers you a selector/filter to select what you are really looking for if the search terms get more than one type of information. For example, an image search for ” Charles ” brings you Charles Manson, Charles Shirley Jackson’s book, etc., and you can select any category to refine your search.

search tools (below the search bar) give you more refinement options such as size, color, type, time, and usage rights. You can filter images for small or large sizes, grayscale or any full-color images, faces or photos, or clip art types, which appeared at what time, and whether they can be used for free in the next major project.

Search images by specific size, color, type, time or copyright

Make advanced search

Google Advanced Search allows you to get the most out of this single-page search engine. It combines a lot of search tricks, special features, and search tools. You can search using various operators, terms, file types, usage rights, language, and region, enable safe search and much more using the advanced search feature. You can access Advanced Search by clicking Settings > Advanced Search in the bottom right corner of the Google homepage or directly from the Advanced Search page.

Google Search Tips for English Learners and Enthusiasts

Check to spell

Google can even check the spelling for you. If you’re not sure how a word is spelled, just type it into the Google search box and Google will report its correct spelling along with other information.

Get definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciations

define: allows you to define definitions, get synonyms and antonyms, and hear the pronunciation of words. You can click on the small Speaker icon present to the right of the word to listen to its pronunciation. For example: ” Define: Required ” Gives you the definition, synonyms, and pronunciation; and ” Define: Required antonyms ” Lists its antonyms as well as other information.

Find the origin of words

etymology: allows you to find the origin of words using Google. This is handy if you are learning new words or doing any research on words and their origin. For example: ” etymology: simple ” Gives you the origin of the word “simple”.

Find the origin of a word

Google Search Tips and Tricks for Working with Numbers

Convert numbers to words

Google can also convert numbers to words. This is really useful when you have very large numbers that you need in word form. For example: ” 1064305 in English ” or ” 1064305 = English ” Prints “one million sixty-four thousand three hundred five” on the screen.

Convert numbers to words

Solve Calculations

“Calculator” opens the calculator on the Google page, where you can enter expressions to get results. You can also enter expressions directly into the search field to get answers right away. For example: ” Calculator ” Opens the calculator; ” 4 * 5 + 2-3 / 3 ” Gives 21 as the result of the given expression; and ” 21% of 50% of 30% of 1000 ” Gives 31.5 as the final result of the expression.

Convert units, time zones, and currencies

“Recycle” allows you to convert units of measurement, time zones, and currencies from one to another. Exchange rates are mostly updated but should not be used as an alternative to market rates. You can use search terms such as ” convert 5:30 am GMT to IST ” or ” convert 5:30 am GMT to New Delhi “. Other uses include unit conversion queries such as ” convert 1m to cm ” or ” 1m to cm “, currency conversion queries such as ” convert $1 to pound ” ” convert 1 USD to GBP ” or ” 1 US dollar per pound ” and more. There is a cool and awesome trick i feel curious the best trick.

Calculate Tips

Tip Calculator opens a small tip calculator, very similar in design to the Google calculator. It allows you to calculate tips by entering account information. Search for ” tipping calculator ” and it will open the tip calculator for you. Here you can add the bill amount, and the tip percentage you want to give and it will calculate the total amount for you. If you are splitting the bill, you can do that too by changing the value in “number of people”. It will then calculate the split count for everyone, which is just great.

Calculate Tips

Get real-time information quickly and conveniently

Get local time

Time allows you to see the real-time local time anywhere in the world. You can use the place name or code. For example: ” London Time ” lets you know the current local time for London, and ” Time 10001 ” Tells the time for New York.

Get live weather information

The weather allows you to get real-time weather information from anywhere in the world. For example: “ Weather New York ” will bring you weather updates for New York.

Get live weather information

Get movies Show times

Google is also good at timing movies for theaters near you. Use the title of the movie followed by the name of the city or zip code and Google will list the movies that are playing near the specified location. You can click on a show time to see available tickets and a link to a website where you can book those tickets.

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