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men's shoes

You need to choose men’s shoes with all seriousness, taking into account the structural features of the foot, size, and model. The wrong choice can harm the health and image of a man. It is often more difficult to choose the right model than to choose an expensive suit. Certain types of this element of the wardrobe are universal, others can be worn only for business meetings.

To avoid mistakes, you need to know what types there are, models of men’s shoes, what style they belong to, and by what criteria they are classified. After reading this article, you will understand the main types of men’s shoes.

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Classic men’s shoes models with lacing

Classic-style shoes should be purchased by every man, regardless of where he works and what position he holds. A friend’s wedding, a date, a business meeting, going to the bank for a loan, and many other places where you need to dress formally. 

oxfords – models with closed lacing. They are considered the most strict among other elements that complement the image, they are sewn from material of two colors – brown and black, they are worn under business suits, tuxedos;

Derby is a less strict look, suitable for a large number, including everyday clothes. There are no unnecessary decorations in these men’s shoes, they can have a maximum of perforation, an open lacing type, and they can even be worn under jeans;

brogues – a type of men’s shoes that have a perforated top, and can have open and closed lacing. Jewelry, depending on the manufacturer, can be placed along the seams, on the toe, or along the lacing.

There are also combinations of these types of men’s shoes, called semi-brogues or oxford brogues. Full and quarter shoes are also sold, which differ in the area where decorative elements are applied. They can be made from any material and have different colors.

We talked about the classic types of men’s shoes with laces, now let’s look at models that do not have lacing.

What types of men’s shoes do not need to be laced?

The process of putting on such men’s shoes is quick and convenient. There are types that can be worn to formal events.

shoes with distinctive tailoring and a specific heel, characteristic only for this type of shoe, are called loafers. They can have a minimum of decorative elements, they are worn under trousers of different styles. They look like moccasins, but the soles are flat.

monks are one of the most versatile types of men’s shoes. They are worn with both classic suits and jeans. In place of the laces, there are belts or metal buckles. Choose short trousers for such shoes so that the material does not get tangled in the belts;

Less strict types of shoes that are popular in everyday life are:

soft and comfortable shoes, which have a lot of decor options, are called moccasins. Their soles are always patterned and spiked, never smooth, and made of flexible materials. A great option for summer clothes; A shoe brand Dolce Vita shoes is the name of confidence. You can buy the best target from here.

slippers are a type of footwear that was introduced into fashion by Prince Albert in the distant 1840s. At first, they were a type of home wear but quickly spread throughout the world. Very frilly shoes that can be worn in the summer without socks;

espadrilles – the name of shoes that are sewn from textile materials, very light, suitable only for hot, dry weather, and ideal for relaxing. Often you can find this type of shoes in a marine style, it also has all kinds of prints and bright colors.

Other types of casual shoes

In stores, you should also have seen shoes called topsiders. They are somewhat reminiscent of boots, have lacing, suitable for cooler and wet weather. The model is closer to sports shoes.

Boots – this type is interesting in that it also has a large number of models, like shoes. Let’s talk about the most popular and fashionable options.

Timberlands are shoes of the American brand of the same name, made in yellow or mustard. Timbs do not let water through, are wear-resistant, and can last more than one season, as they are sewn from high-quality materials and have four-row stitching. The combination of timberlands with clothes is quite wide.

Boots called Deserts are one of the most classic options that are suitable for everyday wear. Traditionally, suede is used for tailoring, and leather for the sole.

As you can see, men’s shoes are no less diverse than women’s. We have considered only a small number of species, which are the most popular, made for the most part in the classical solution. Depending on the season, a man’s wardrobe should have at least a few pairs of fashionable shoes. We hope that we have helped you navigate the diversity of this element of individual style.

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