Compound Shoulder Exercises For Muscles Mass And Strength

compound shoulder exercises

Whether you’re hammering out push-ups or burning up your back with dumbbell rows, you will struggle if you don’t have the shoulder power to get through. Your shoulders are some of the hardest-working muscles in your upper body. Boulder shoulders are a vital part of the traditional V-shaped torso that bodybuilders, and most of us, strive for. The shoulders’ complexity shouldn’t surprise, either, given how much they do. Even though you believe you work your shoulders frequently, you won’t develop the strength and size you need if you don’t include compound shoulder exercises in your regimen.

What are compound shoulder exercises? 

Exercises that include simultaneous movement around many joints are referred to as compound exercises. It indicates that complex exercises engage many muscle groups. Compound shoulder workouts are a wonderful technique to increase shoulder muscle mass and strength.

If you want stronger shoulder muscles, it is strongly advised that you start doing compound shoulder workouts.

Understanding shoulder muscles

In the fitness world, exercises that focus on the deltoid muscle are referred to as “shoulder exercises” in the fitness world. The superficial muscle that gives your shoulder its rounded shape is the deltoid. Although the deltoid is a single muscle in terms of anatomy, it comprises three sets of muscular bellies and fibers, collectively known as “heads.” These three main muscle fibers are: Anterior,middle, and posterior, and they reside on top of your shoulders. Supersizing your shoulders requires focusing on all three. Almost all shoulder exercises target the deltoid muscles responsible for lifting and turning your arms.

  • Extrinsic muscles: Extrinsic muscles, which extend from your torso to your shoulder bones, make up most of your shoulder muscles. 
  • Intrinsic muscles:On the other hand, intrinsic muscles connect your upper torso (including the shoulder blades and clavicles) to your upper arm.

Techniques For Shoulder Work

Compound and isolation movements are the two categories of shoulder exercises.

1. Compound shoulder movements

To create more functional movements, engage numerous muscle groups. Since more muscle groups will be used, you can lift more weight, allowing you to move more quickly and steadily while also carrying more load.

2. Shoulder isolation exercises

No secondary muscles are assuming control and making the target muscle group’s life any easier when all the burden is concentrated on that one muscle group. There is no joint movement other than elbow extension other than the front, lateral raise, or side raise.

Benefits of doing compound shoulder exercises

Reduced Risk of Injury

Because the shoulders have a wide range of motion, many people eventually develop shoulder pain or injury. Injuries can be avoided by strengthening the delts, which stabilize the shoulders.

Increased Range of Motion

They keep your shoulder joint stable throughout arm motions, protecting it from injury. Arm actions involving shoulder flexion, internal rotation, and abduction will be more powerful and effective when the delts are strong. It will enhance your shoulders overall appearance and definition.

Enhance Lifts

When executing the bench press or overhead press, the deltoids help stabilize the weight. Directly targeting the deltoids will transfer strength to your other exercises.

Impart Beauty Look

Broad shoulders are a sign of someone who is physically fit. It enhances your shoulders overall appearance and definition. Since the delts are located on the outside of the shoulder, working to develop them might alter how your body appears as a whole.

Ten Best Compound Shoulder exercises

Here are the top 10 complex shoulder workouts for strength and muscle growth. If you incorporate compound workouts that work your shoulder into your routine, you’ll get greater advantages.

1. Push-ups in Pike

Pike push-ups, also known as shoulder push-ups, are a push-up variation that strengthens and stabilizes the shoulders and triceps. The exercise will target the shoulders more so than the chest if it is done in an upright position. The pike push-up, which resembles a cross between the downward-facing dog and dolphin pose, is a powerful exercise.


2. Push-Up Shoulder Tapping

The shoulder tap push-up is a push-up variation that puts more of a strain on the core than the standard version. A full-body strength exercise known as the shoulder tap push-up targets your arms, shoulders, and chest while also bolstering your core.


3. Parallel Bar Dip 

The bar dip is a great workout for strengthening the chest. Additionally, it benefits the anterior deltoid and triceps. On two parallel bars, this exercise is performed.

parallel bar dip

4. Lifting a barbell overhead

The shoulder press continues to be the most effective exercise for developing broad, rounded shoulders. Due to its quick muscle growth and power motion, the seated shoulder press has long been the bodybuilders’ preferred shoulder workout. This exercise should be included in your arsenal of compound shoulder exercises.


5. Arnold Shoulder press

The Arnold Shoulder Press is a great shoulder workout for developing muscle. Arnold’s press stands out from the competition regarding the best compound shoulder workouts with the best range of motion for shoulder muscles. As you descend the dumbbells deeply in front, it provides a wide range of motion and the maximal stretch that other shoulder workouts lack.



Anyone looking to create a wider shoulder and gain strength should try these shoulder compound exercises. In addition to enabling the growth of certain muscles, it gives the shoulder a 3D appearance overall. It is simple to perform and doesn’t need complex machinery or intricate scientific knowledge. Include a few of these five compound shoulder exercises in your exercise routine.

Frequently Asked Question 

How complex are shoulder exercises?

Compound shoulder workouts are an excellent approach to increasing shoulder strength and muscle hypertrophy. Exercises involving movement across many joints simultaneously are referred to as compound exercises. Consequently, complex exercises engage many muscular groups when performed.

Are three complex exercises enough?

Compound exercises can be a fixture of your workout programme because they promote muscular growth. Each training programme should include 2-4 compound exercises (2–20 compound exercises per workout) to train each muscle group.

Which is better for strength training: heavy or light shoulders?

The secret to building larger deltoid muscles more quickly is using lighter weights, which will ultimately allow you to perform more compound exercises with a barbell and lift more weight overall. So be ready for the most difficult “light” set you have ever performed!

Is it difficult to build shoulder muscle?

Many people need help to develop their delts. Most of us are fine growing our front delts due to all the pressing we perform.

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